Pineapple Leaf Bars with Bentonite Beads
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 10 - 14 bars


Pineapple Leaf Soap with Bentonite Beads

Cold Processed Soap with Mint Green Bentonite Clay Beads


This batch will fill our Wooden Log Mould comfortably, and can be cut either in slices, or a wider slab, and then cut into halves to make the bars you see above. Very similar to the Black Amber & Lavender recipe, the only change is the quantities of Olive and Rice Bran Oil.

This recipe has some Titanium Dioxide to whiten the base to make it a more effective background for the *Bentonite Clay Beads. We have used the Mint Green Beads in this recipe.  **As Bentonite Clay Beads are no longer available we recommend using either  Jojoba Beads or Botanical Scrub Granules.



For how to make soap from Scratch, please see our Cold Process Soapmaking Instructions Page

We used some Titanium Dioxide in the Soap to make a white background for the beads.


  • Bring the soap to medium trace and then add Fragrance or Essential Oils

  • Introduce the beads and carefully hand stir to combine into the batch

  • Pour into mould

  • Cover and insulate as normal

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Pineapple Leaf Bars with Bentonite Beads
Short Description

A simple, attractively spotty Cold Process Loaf!

Difficulty Beginner
Yields 10 - 14 bars

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