Straws, Paper - Yellow 25 pack

Straws, Paper - Yellow 25 pack

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Apart from being much healthier for the environment when entertaining, our Paper Straws are also excellent when making drink themed soaps!

Yellow straws suit:  Pineapple and banana milkshake soaps, smoothie soaps, cocktail theme soaps, iced black and green tea soaps and all summery theme soaps

Food Safe
Length:  19.5cm
Pack size:  25 straws

Note:  Some straws, such as Hot Berry do not like being sprayed with Isopropyl Alcohol, so when using in Melt and Pour Soap, protect them from the overspray as you layer the soap.  We protect them with a piece of paper or cardboard so that the spritz stays on the soap and doesn't hit the straws.  If you are in doubt when making Melt and Pour projects we recommend you avoid making transparent soaps too far in advance.  To test the straws, spray an offcut with Isopropyl to check.  As Cold Process Soap does not need the Isopropyl Alchol for layering they have been stable in our tests.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Straws, Paper - Yellow 25 pack
Cavities 4
Individual Bar Weight 85g
Temperature -10 - 230°C
Manufacturer Bramble Berry
Mould Material Flexible Silicone
Mould Colour Natural
Individual Bar Dimensions 7.6cm Diameter , 2.5cm depth
Overall Capacity Approximately 360g
Suitable for Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Processed Soap, Lotion Bars, hard Massage Bars. For use with Bath Bombs and Fizzies we recommend for crafters with some experience.