Palm Oil Free Black Tea & Shea Cold Process Soap Log
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 10 - 14 bars


Black Tea Bergamot Cold Process Soap

Black Tea Fragrance has been superseded by Bergamot Black Tea Fragrance, and this makes an excellent substitution in this project, it is a little more citrus in the cured soap.

When Black Tea fragrance arrived, we sniffed for inspiration!  Black Tea is great in Cold Process Soap, and though you think it will discolour (as the fragrance is quite dark) it doesn't discolour at all!



  • Your usual Cold Process Soaping equipment
  • One jug, to hold around 500g traced soap and still take the hand balloon whisk
  • Scales - optional but helpful
  • Spatulas, spoons etc
  • Thermometer - optional but useful
  • Chopsick or similar to swirl the black soap
  • Old paint brush


If you have not made Cold Process Soap before, stop right here!  It is advisable to make a few batches prior to this more advanced technique.
For how to make soap from Scratch, please see our Cold Process Soapmaking Instructions Page

If you are a beginner, we recommend make this soap just one colour.  If you are more advanced, you can follow the instructions below and make the centre pattern similar to marbling with a contrasting colour down the centre.

  • Prepare all ingredients and line the mould as usual
  • Set aside a heat proof 500ml jug for the black coloured soap
  • Bring soap to thin trace and then remove approximately 1 - 2 cups of soap and place into the 500ml jug
  • Colour the soap in this jug to a medium to dark shade of black using Liquid Dispersion Black
  • Colour the main pot of soap with the Titanium Dioxide and then about 1/8 teaspoon of Brites NG Yellow to colour the background, with some Titanium Dioxide  - careful not to overtrace
  • Mix the fragrance manually through the pale lemon coloured soap in the main soap pot and pour most of this soap into the mould - pour this at the edges - leaving a long gully line down the centre top when nearly 3/4 full
  • Now begin to spoon the black portion over the first pour in the mould, in a line down the middle - controlling where it sits in the mould
  • Finish the pour with the remaining soap from the main pot down the outside edges
  • Now swirl the black soap in the centre - use a chopstick or spatula to drag the colour into the textured top and to soften the sharp lines
  • Spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol to avoid possible ashing of the top surface, then insulate for gel
  • Once unmoulded,  brush the surface with New Gold Mica - you can give a light spray with hair spray to keep this firmly in place!
  • Unmould and slice as usual

Note:  If using 'Add to trolley" there is no Sodium Hydroxide included, and you purchase the Olive Oil and Distilled Water from the supermarket.