Oliv-Wax LQC

Oliv-Wax LQC

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Oliv-Wax LQC is a stabiliser for lotions and creams and a Liquid Crystal Promoter derived from Olive Oil fatty acids. It is designed to stabilise oil in water emulsions while enhancing the texture and feel in application.  Formulations with Oliv-Wax LQC exhibit enriched texture without greasiness or tackiness and no "whitening effect" is seen upon application.

The unique "crystal network" is similar to human skin lipids and promotes excellent delivery to skin. Unlike many other waxy lipids (fats), Oliv-Wax LQC contributes a light silky-smooth feel along with stabilisation.

Oliv-Wax LQC is recommended for inclusion in skin care creams and lotions, foundation, lipsticks and lip balms, skin care serums, and sunscreens. Oliv-Wax LQC is stable to oxidation, is odourless and colourless.

Tested clinically, Oliv-Wax LQC has been demonstrated to be hypoallergenic and an excellent choice for sensitive and reactive skin. Never tested on animals, Oliv-Wax LQC is completely biodegradable and compatible with most cosmetic ingredients.

Oliv-Wax LQC provides the final product with sebum-control benefits and provides skin-hydration and a unique texture due to the high water content of the liquid crystal structure. It can enhance the efficacy of make-up removing formulations when compared with standard oil-in-water emulsions.


  • Moisturisers and lotion
  • Night creams
  • Eye creams
  • Products for sensitive skin
  • After-sun creams and lotions
  • Sun-care products
  • Makeup foundation

HLB: 7 - 8
Suggested usage Levels:  1 - 10%
W/O and O/W  Lotions and Creams (Emulsions)  at  2 - 4%

  • For moisturising and hydration:  1 - 3%
  • To promote the Liquid Crystal Structure:  2 - 4%
  • As a structural agent in Make Up:  1 - 5%
  • As a stabiliser 1 - 2%

Clinical Tests Show Olive Oil Derivatives prevent Hair Damage - download PDF

Thought called a "wax" Oliv-Wax LQC is not a true wax, it is a stabiliser and thickener, similar to Oliv-Wax

This product has been granted EcoCert France approval and can be used in the formulation of cosmetics certified according to Ecological and Organic standards.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Oliv-Wax LQC
INCI Cetyl Palmitate, Sorbitan Palmitate, Sorbitan Olivate