Oatmeal Melt & Pour Soap Instructions for Kit
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 45 mins
  • Yields 1kg


Melt and Pour Oatmeal Soap

This tutorial is primarily for our Oatmeal & Honey themed Melt & Pour Soap Kit, however you are welcome to use these instructions (and adjust quantities where necessary) for your own Oatmeal based soap project. If you have the Kit the Print the PDF Tutorial here

This project is really easy, and creates gently exfoliating oatmeal soaps, and we've teamed this kit with oatmeal and honey based scents. It's nice to add some fresh honey, it has humectant qualities, and complements the Oat and Honey fragrance theme nicely.

If you have bought the kit, you'll have:

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Fragrance


Stirring spoons or spatulas
1 microwave safe jug - needs to hold 500ml or more
Electronic scales are useful but not essential
A Thermometer is useful, but not essential

Don't forget:  The scents in this recipe are vanilla based, so they will naturally discolour the soap to a shade of golden honey to chocolate brown


  • Set out the ingredients, mould and equipment
  • Dice enough soap base into small ice cube sized chunks to suit one pour in your chosen mould and in the microwave jug (For instance, if you selected the Oatmeal Bar Mould that has 3 cavities x 115g so you weigh 350g soap base
Bramble Berry Fragrances
  • Place in the microwave to melt on medium or medium low. This will take a couple of minutes, so do keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn't overheat. Try heating in bursts of 30 seconds, then stir, check and redo
  • Remove the liquid Melt & Pour Soap from the microwave and stir well to remove any lumps
  • Add a teaspoon liquid honey and stir through
  • Now add up to 3g/ml (approximately 70 drops) of Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fragrance (or your selected scent) and stir well to combine.  We suggest you use up to 30 drops per soap, so for 3 soaps you can use up to 90 drops.
  • To ensure the oatmeal doesn't sink to the bottom (see picture below) check the temperature if you can, the optimum pouring temperature is 45 - 50°C. It’s no problem if you pour hotter, but the oatmeal will settle more into the design on top of the mould, rather than evenly through

Bramble Berry Fragrances

  • Carefully pour into the mould cavities. As you have an exfoliant, it's a good idea to half fill each cavity, then go back and top up

Bramble Berry Fragrances
  • Allow several hours to set up completely before attempting to unmould. If you try to hurry unmoulding with Melt & Pour Soap by using the fridge or freezer, it will lead to sweating. At room temperature, this will take a couple of hours, depending on how hot you heated the soap and the ambient temperature

Bramble Berry Fragrances
  • To remove from the mould, carefully run a plastic spatula around the edges of the mould cavities and then turn over and ease your thumbs across the mould from the outside to the centre and tap on the bench to allow the soap to drop out
  • Now repeat with the rest of the soap and fragrance in the kit
  • If you would like to display your soaps, wrap or store in an airtight container