Oat Silc

Oat Silc
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This amazing silky, powder is 100% natural, and by including Oat Silc in moisturisers and skincare products it imparts a smooth and silky after feel.  When used in mineral make-up you will provide a mattifying effect and create a product with silk-smooth finish.

Oat Silc contains skin equivalent lipids (7%) and ceramides that assist to maintain a healthy skin.  Creams and lotions feel smoother and silkier with the inclusion of Oat Silc, and it’s easy to formulate with!

This wonderful ingredient is extracted from oats grown on Scandanavian farms, using sustainable farming methods, and is free from GMO.  The oats are grown close to the refinery; which helps reduce degradation of the raw oats and reduces environmental impact. The processing involves being de-branned and milled into an ultrafine flour.

Oat Silc is:  GMO Free, Hypoallergenic and Free from Allergens, Not tested on animals

Suitable for:  All skin types particularly sensitive, dry, inflamed and mature
Applications:  Baby care, skin care, mineral makeup  -  creams, lotions, masks, facials, other skin care products
Particle size:  50µ avg
Usage Rates:
Sticks, Creams and Lotions:  1 – 3%; Colour Cosmetics:  5% -  15%
Heat tolerance during processing:  75°C
To Hydrate: 
Mix in a portion of water reserved from the batch - can tolerate up to 75°C during processing.  If used in anhydrous formulas hydrate in portion of light liquid oil and then combine
Organic Status:  Ecocert approved Natural
GMO Status:  Not GMO, complies with non - GMO status

Natural Composition:  100%
Country Of Origin:  Sweden

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Oat Silc
SKU oatsilc
INCI Avena Sativa (Oat) Meal Extract
Ingredients Oats (ultrafine mechanically processed)