Nutmeg Essential Oil

Nutmeg Essential Oil

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Similar in scent to the cooking spice, but richer and more deeply fragrant.  Works really well in mens fragrance blends and has a sweet, warm-spicy aroma.

May be Useful for:  Nausea, digestive problems
Blends with:  Oakmoss, lavander, bay leaf, peru balsam, orange, geranium, clary sage, rosemary, lime, petitgrain, mandarin, coriander, and other spice oils.

Middle Note

Method of extraction:  Steam Distilled
Plant part:  dried seed
Country of Origin:  Indonesia

Note: Only Essential Oils sold in10ml bottle size come with Built-in Dripolator. You'll find droppers or pipettes for larger size bottles Here

Note: Recommended for use in small amounts.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Nutmeg Essential Oil
INCI Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg) Oil