Nurses Hand Cream
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields approx 500g


This recipe is published courtesy of a US Soaper who has generously allowed us to share it with you, an oldie but a goodie, and much use by our customers.   However, Nurses hand creamdo note that a few of the ingredients are in volume (tablespoons), so if you want to replicate your own batch again you should weigh these and keep a note of the quantity in grams.


"After much trial and error on my part...I finally came up with something that stays on my hands even after several washings... and it is going like hotcakes with the other nurses I work with.....

So I would like to share this recipe with is so very easy to make, and after it has cooled to around 42 - 44°C (simply pour it into your Malibu Tubes or other easily totable bottle... Most of us keep one in our pockets to apply through the shift....



Dairy~Aire's Nurses Hand Cream

Although its great for after gardening or lots of washing up!




  • Melt waxes, oils and butters together either in double boiler or microwave to 75°C

  • Add heated water (previously microwaved for 3 - 5 minutes to 75°C)

  • Then blend, blend, blend....for about 2 minutes...let it rest

  • Blend every 10 minutes until temperature cools to 42 - 44°C (110-115°F)

  • This should still be quite pourable. Then after adding preservative and fragrance, give it a blend, then pipe into

  • Malibu Tubes

  • Cream sets up in a few hours, and is ready to use when set

Yields (4) 4oz (120ml) tubes, with a bit left over for you to savour!

Feel free to tweak using oils/butters you have on hand...I would recommend keeping it in the same proportions to achieve the creamy effect.  This recipe has done wonders for my cuticles, and it is soooo easy to make.

You'll need t provide Distilled Water from the supermarket.