Nizzy's Bath Bomb Recipe & Instructions
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Bi-Carbonate of Soda 500g
Citric Acid 160g
Sweet Almond Oil 1 tablespoon
Essential Oils or Fragrance 1 Dessertspoon
Liquid Dispersion or Lake Colour Sufficient


This recipe was specifically developed to use with my ‘Bath Bomb’ mould I developed made from 50mm PVC pipe. The finished bombs are approximately 40mm high and 50mm diameter.

This is my own method of blending the ingredients not necessarily other peoples, but I’m like that… I do things my own way :-)

The only extras I add are fragrance and colour, but there is no reason you could not add petals, lavender buds etc.

  1. Add the Bi Carb Soda and the Citric Acid into a bowl and blend it together thoroughly using an electric hand beater or a stick blender. It makes for a smoother finished product.
  2. Add the Sweet Almond Oil and blend again it should hold together by itself now when a small handful is squeezed together. If it’s still a little crumbly the addition of the Essential or Fragrance oil will fix that.
  3. Now add the colour last and once again a good blend to make sure the colour gets mixed through thoroughly. If the colour is water based don’t use too much as it is the water in the colour that will start the reaction and you will get bath bombs that begin to puff up and take on a textured surface.

Making the Bath Bomb

Have the tube mould on a small piece of wood or a bread board.
Spoon in some of the mixture.
Place the plug on the top and pack it down, place more mixture in and press down again.

Put the plug on the top and give a few whacks with the hammer, this compacts it, if its still not enough add some more and tap with the hammer again. Don’t worry if the plug disappears below the lip of the tube, you can simply lift the whole thing up and turn it over in your hand and the plug will fall out. Don’t be afraid to hit it hard, you want good compaction.

When your satisfied you have enough in the tube lift it up turn it upside down, so the wooden plug is on the bottom of the tube and use the wooden plug as a plunger now and it will slide the bomb up to the top. Another method is to have something smaller in diameter than the plastic tube on the workbench and place the tube over it and slowly push down, the wooden plug will push the bath bomb up the tube.

If your making multi layered bombs use a fork to rough up the previous compacted surface then spoon the next layer on the top and whack it!

These bath bombs are compacted with the force of the hammer so tend to hold together firmer than the normal hand compressed ones.

Don’t make your bath bombs on humid or wet days as they don’t dry out well. If you must make them during periods like this, warm up your oven to about 40°C - 50°C and dry them out for a short period of time. This will fluctuate from oven to oven. Then cool and wrap them and seal.

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