Neon Blue Raspberry

Neon Blue Raspberry

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Neon Blue Raspberry is anoil based colourant that is approved for soap, lotions and lip products.  Unlike some neon colors on the marketplace, it is FDA approved for skincare products.  This colourant doesn't bleed in soap and is safe to use in eye make-up too!

Instructions for Use:  To use in Melt and Pour Soap, disperse and mix well in liquid glycerin (similar to working with a true pigment).  You can use a small coffee frother for this.   We recommend starting out at 1/8th teaspoon of hydrated colour per 500g for Melt and Pour Soap.  For Cold Process, add 1 teaspoon of colourant to 25ml of a carrier oil like Sweet Almond Oil or Rice Bran Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil - mix well using a the coffee frother (mini mixer) – add 1 teaspoon of this mixture to your batch.

You can see a Soap Queen Melt and Pour Tutorial using this colour here and there's an Advanced Cold Process Garden Soap tutorial here featuring this colourant.
Also Alpine Frost Cold Process Soap Tutorial

Product Suitability:

Melt & Pour Soap - Yes - mix as above
Cold Processed Soap – Yes - mix in oil before adding to soap
Cosmetics including Eye area - Yes
Lip Products - Yes
This colourant is a:  an anomaly - like Tomato Red.  It's a non- bleeding dye.  If you use at very high concentrations it may migrate a little.  Bramble Berry's tests have not shown any bleeding, they note:  While this is a non-bleeding colourant, if you add too much to your soap it can migrate into other colors in the soap design or stain washcloths.  For more information on pigments in soap, check out this  SQ blog post.

Our Test Results:

The last graphic in the examples above uses:   2/3 teaspoon Blue Raspberry mixed in 2 teaspoons of Fractionated Coconut Oil, mixed with a milk frother.  Our test used ½ teaspoon of this dilution in 150g Cold Process Soap.  We mixed this a week in advance, and there were no speckles or lumps.
pH sensitivity:  Stable in high pH products (CP Soap)
Colour Fading:  Still awaiting data
Colour Bleeding (Migration): 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Neon Blue Raspberry
INCI Bis (Glycidoxyphenyl) propane/Bisaminomethylnorbornane copolymer, Aluminum Hydroxide, D&C Blue No. 1