Bases - Natural and Organic Soaps For Bath and Body

Bases - Natural and Organic Soaps For Bath and Body

For all your natural soap supplies

Aussie Soap Supplies provides a range of quality bases for you to craft your own natural soap at home; whether for personal use, for gifts or to sell at your craft stall. If you want to make your own natural or organic soaps, we sell unscented and uncoloured bases ready for you to add your personal touch. Order online, it’s quick and easy.

See our free formulary for ideas, how to’s, and tutorial guides to using our premium quality bases None of our products are tested on animals and our natural soap bases are manufactured using plant-based ingredients.

Benefits of natural soaps and skin care products

  • Use natural ingredientsMany people find that switching to Olive Oil based soap and a more naturally based skin care regime has many benefits for their skin and wellbeing.
  • Eco-friendlyWhen you purchase supplies from us, you know you are buying high-quality, eco-friendly products. We source as many sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients as possible, producing the most natural products that we can.
  • VarietyWe offer a large range of pre-made bases, botanical extracts, essential oils and fragrances so that you can customise your soap and skin care range to suit your personal preference. If you prefer to make your products from scratch, you’ll find a huge range of DIY recipes in our free formulary.

Natural soap supplies and skin care in Australia

We have been making soap for over 25 years and selling soap supplies for 15 years. Our love of all things natural and our concern for the environment means we try use naturally derived ingredients in all our soap bases. This approach has proved exceptionally popular with our customers and hased to us stocking the widest range of soap making ingredients in Australia.

Our soap base products include:

  • SFIC Natural Melt and Pour Soap Base
  • Stephenson Melt and Pour Soap Base
  • Custom Palm Free Melt bases and custom Pour Soap Bases

We ensure all our products are excellent quality and contain only ethically sourced ingredients. Browse our online shop to experience what truly wonderful products can be created in the comfort of your own home. None of our base products have ever been tested on animals or contain animal derived ingredients (excepting Goatsmilk Soap and beeswax in our Lip Base.) Note: Bases are are not "concentrated" unless stated, and are ready to use "as is" directly on your skin.  The term "base" refers to the fact they are unscented and are ready to personalise with your own scents, colours and additives if desired. Buy for yourself, for gifts or to sell in your craft stall. All you need to do is register above, purchase online and wait for delivery. It’s that simple.

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