Moonstone Fragrance

Moonstone Fragrance
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Bramble Berry's Gemstone Collection

This multi-faceted fragrance is a beautiful combination of sweet and soft, floral and fruity. Top notes of gentle lavender, bergamot and star anise perfectly meld with the floral heart of jasmine, violet, ylang ylang and heliotrope. A seductive base of sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, amber and vanilla round out this mysterious fragrance oil.

You can add Bramble Berry's Gemstone Label Sheet to your trolley HEREthese must be added to your trolley before checking out so you can download them once your order is shipped.  We cannot send these out seperately from the order items.  However, they can be added to any order at any time  in the future too!

Performance in Cold Process Soap:  Accelerates in most cold process recipes, and discolours to tan.

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Bramble Berry's and Soap Queen's Gemstone Collection Projects

Vanillin Content:  0.1%
Flashpoint: >200°F
Safety Notes: Do not apply undiluted directly on skin
Full usage information:  On additional info tab to the right.
Brand:  Bramble Berry
Country of Origin:   USA
All our Fragrances and Lip Flavours are phthalate free and suitable for Vegans
Gluten Free

Packaging:  Amber Glass.  However, we now offer 500ml size Fragrances in HDPE Bottles to help save freight to remote zones. It is important to decant the Fragrance into Amber Glass for storage.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Moonstone Fragrance
Short Description

All Bramble Berry flavours and fragrances are suitable for Vegans. 

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): SDS are available directly from www.brambleberry.com. 

To acquire them, please email your request to msds @ brambleberry.com (take out the spaces)


INCI Fragrance
Testing, Usage and Soaping Notes Performs well in MP, but can be difficult for the novice CP'er, do not discount water. Some soapers report this is a "hide and go seek" fragrance, so patience there is the key
Top Notes Lavender, Bergamot and Star Anise
Middle Notes Jasmine, Violet, Ylang Ylang and Heliotrope
Base Notes Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Musk, Amber and Vanilla
Melt & Pour Soap Yes, trial small piece as may discolour - use Vanilla Colour Stabiliser to prevent this
Type Yes, Bramble Berry Gemstone Collection
Vanilla Content 0.1%
Gel Wax Compatibility Not tested
Creams, Lotions, Masks Yes
Flashpoint °C or °F 200°F
OOB information, morphing It does morph a little in Cold Process, avoid gel phase if possible
Cold Process Soap This fragrance will very likely accelerate, best for experienced soapers - it does discolour tan
Candles Not tested
Bath Bombs, Bath Fizzies, Bath Oils etc Yes
Household products (sprays, cleaners, pot pourri etc) Yes
Body Scrubs, Lotions & Moisturisers Yes
Liquid Soap, Body Wash, Hair Care Yes