Mooncake Press, Square (3)

Mooncake Press, Square (3)

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This square Mooncake Press makes a nice neat, decorative Salt Cake or Bath Bomb.  It has 4 interchangeable, intricate design plates which show to advantage in smooth mixes, but is still evident with fine sea salt.  

If you prefer the sharper definition look salt soak cake, use your soaping coffee grinder to powder any ingredients, including large salt crystals.


3.7cm - 4cm square (has a scalloped edge)
Up to 4cm deep (high)
Base to top of handle:  14.5cm
Suitable for Salt Cakes, Bath Fizzies and for malleable bath truffle mixes
Material:  ABS Plastic
Colour:  White

Our Test Results:

See graphics for results of having an over wet, to a "just right" moisture content
We found a small amount of oil helped the longevity of the cube if storage for long periods
The lavender colour salt soaks contained 5 -8 drops Royal Purple Liquid Dispersion - and this stained the mould.  It did not transfer to the pure white salt soaks made in our next test.  The Epsom Salts and Fine Sea Salt crystals unmoulded well, but some of the intricate detail is lost with larger crystals.  Issue solved with coffee grinder - just powder the salts for extra fine detailing on the finish.

The new shipment has differing pattern discs, graphics are amended to show new plates.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Mooncake Press, Square (3)
Short Description

Basic Salt Cake Recipe (by volume):

2 cups Epsom Salts
2 tablespoons Bicarbonate of Soda
Up to 2 tablespoons Distilled or Floral Water
Water dispersible Colourant (if preferred)
Essential Oil or Fragrance – our trials were 6 drops Bramble Berry Rose Quartz Fragrance per cup of salt

Our tutorial is here in the formulary, and there are loads of video's on YouTube showing the method used to make salt cakes and bath fizzies in this mould.

TIps:  We found that the recommended ratio of 2:2:2 was too wet (see the graphic of purple blocks).  We also preferred the finer or ground salt so our cakes had more definition in the detail of design.  We added water in the same way as bath bombs, but sufficient to achieve a very moist mixture, but not overly wet.  Many things can affect the water content such as how the salt has been stored, the types of salt and uptake of moisture, humidity etc.

The new shipment has differing pattern discs as shown.