Melt & Pour Soap Petit Fours
  • Difficulty Intermediate


Melt & Pour Soap Petit Fours
We just love these cute Petit Fours Soap Bars, so cute, and easy to package too!

Our Silicone 9 Cube Moulds are HERE, and you'll find the rest of the silicone mould range HERE.

We don't stock Hallo Sweet Thang fragrance, so we have listed a similar blend of fragrances used, and for the colours, choose our pre-mixed
Liquid Brites for NG, or the Neons exactly as in the project video.

You can view ALL of Anne-Marie's Soap Queen Tutorials on her You Tube Channel Soapqueen TV - there are dozens of them!

Please note:  Anne-Marie's program is made in the USA, so measurements are not in metric, but imperial, and some regulatory information details will be a little different in Australia.  Some colours may also be slightly different, but we stock similar colours which give the same results. Techniques are, of course, exactly the same!