Cleanse & Soothe Charcoal Facial Soap - Melt and Pour Soap Kit Tutorial
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins per batch of 5
  • Yields 15 bars


Melt & Pour Soap Facial Charcoal Kit Mini Tutorial


This slideshow accompanies our Facial Cleanse & Soothe Charcoal Melt and Pour Soap Kit 
which you can purchase HERE



The 1kg soap base makes 3 batches of 5 bars of soap (each soap cavity holds 70g) with this kit.
Basically, all ingredients are divided into three portions.  As this formula is for facial use, you can use 10 - 15ml of the included Essential oils, ideally 1% or less for a wash off product.  If the soap starts to set up in the jug, gently remelt and continue.