Cleanse & Soothe Charcoal Facial Soap
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins per batch of 5
  • Yields 15 bars


Cleanse and Soothe Facial Soap Project for Kit


This slideshow and instructions accompaniess our Charcoal Melt and Pour Soap Kit 
which you can purchase here



The 1kg soap base makes 3 batches of 5 bars of soap (each soap cavity holds 70g) with this kit.
Basically, all ingredients are divided into three portions.  As this formula is for facial use, you can use 10 - 15ml of the included Essential oils, ideally 1% or less for a wash off product.  If the soap starts to set up in the jug, gently remelt and continue. 

Melt 330g (just under a third of the block) of soap base per pour of 5 soaps. 

  1. Cover your work surface with paper towel or newspaper – just in case!  Charcoal is REALLY black J
  2. Take the bag of Activated Charcoal and tap on the bench so that all the powder is in the bottom of the bag.  Carefully unzip the bag and arrange it in the smaller beaker or container.  Add up to three teaspoons of spring water or if you upgraded three teaspoons of Sodium Lactate.  Re-zip the bag carefully, and then squish the contents with your fingers until all the powder is moistened and you have a loose, black paste in the bag.  Set aside
  3. Cut the soap base into 1 – 2 cm pieces (approximately) and divide into the three portions.  Place the first batch of soap pieces into the microwave safe jug
  4. Melt the soap base in the in the microwave on medium (or in a saucepan on a very low heat on the cook top if you don’t have a microwave).  If possible cover the soap (or use a piece of card over the jug in the microwave).  Heat in short bursts, stir and repeat until liquid.  (Palm Free Soap Base will take a little longer to melt than the other bases)
  5. Remove from heat just before the last piece is melted. Gently stir to melt the remaining soap pieces
  6. Squish the charcoal mixture to the top of the zip lock bag, and then snip a 2 – 3mm corner from the bottom. Then squeeze approximately 1 teaspoon of the charcoal mixture into the soap (one third) and stir well to combine  
  7. Measure 8ml of Botanical Complex 7 (using the pipette) and squirt this into the jug of soap
  8. Now drip in the essential oil/s – between 3 – 5ml for each batch – about 20 drops = 1 ml and stir gently, but thoroughly
  9. It’s time to pour into the moulds!  Carefully pour some soap into each of the moulds – take care not to overfill – pour up to 5 - 10mm from the top of the moulds
  10. Now leave the soap to set – leave until completely cold (and set hard).  This will take at around an hour or even more in summer
  11. Now it is time to unmould – simply peel back the silicone mould and it’s done!  Wrap to prevent the soap sweating in moist or humid weather.

 This slideshow and instructions accompaniess our Charcoal Melt and Pour Soap Kit 
which you can purchase here