Melt & Pour Soap Frosting Recipe & Technique - by Soapylove!


Soapylove's Cake Frosting


Many years ago (way back around 2002), I used to make my Peach Pie and
Lemon Meringue Pie soap Frosting with White Melt & Pour Base and some liquid glycerine,
using an electric whisk to fluff it up nicely. It was very successful, though it did take a little practise,
like most new things!

Soapylove shares her recipe on the Soap Queen Blog.
Her recipe is really interesting, as she uses Liquid Castile Soap instead of the glycerine, which
I really like the idea of.  You'll find full instructions with pictures on The Soap Queen Blog


Melt & Pour Cupcake Soap Frosting Tutorial is HERE 

The mould which has replaced the scalloped mould in the tutorial can be found HERE!