Melt & Pour Soap Cupcakes
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour


Premium Mould Cupcake Soaps

This project uses a Premium Mould offers a 3D effect Cupcake by providing an "icing" that is "glued" onto the soap base once unmoulded. This keeps the mould affordable and very easy to use.

**This mould is no longer - we are leaving the tutorial online for those who already have one!

By "layering" the Cherry, you an have the Cupcake as pictured in our graphics. To Achieve a 100’s and 1000’s look, avoid using actual 100’s and 1000's as they will dissolve and bleed in your soap. You can try some coloured cupcake sugar, but this doesn’t keep for very long, so would need to be used fairly soon after manufacture.

Jojoba Beads, Bentonite Clay Beads, Rainbow Glitter, and our Sparkle Micas and Glitters all work well. Sprinkle onto cake top IMMEDIATELY YOU UNMOULD to ensure some stays behind. You can even lightly press the Icing Section into a shall dish containing the Jojoba Beads, Bentonite Beads or Glitter to ensure they are more heavily encrusted. A dry paint brush will brush a thin, attractive layer of Mica onto the surface of the icing. A quick spray with hairspray helps hold glitter or mica in place.


 Cupcakes with No Calories!

Our Cupcake is scented with Raspberries & Violets - YUM! Fruity Fragrances work well, but beware of "Foody" based scents as they are usually Vanilla Based and will discolour. If you would like to work with Vanilla based fragrances, you will need some Vanilla Colour Stabiliser to lessen this affect.

NOTE:  Tnis mould style has been deleted, but the tutorial is here to help anyone that already has this mould.

What you’ll Need



Step One: Cut some White and some Clear soap into small squares - place into separate jugs/double boiler - whichever method you prefer.


Step Two: Melt clear soap in a coffee cup or Pyrex container (or whatever you have that is heat safe in the microwave - if it is a jug with a pour spout this realy helps). Melt on medium/low in short bursts to ensure a thorough melt without boiling.

Step Three: Add scent to melted soap base - remember if you only have one mould, you will only pour 2 bases at a time, so don't melt too much soap. Stir in some Royal Gold Mica, approximately 1/8 teaspoon for 2 cakes, or even less, then carefully stir to remove any dry spots. Pour soap base into the Patty Cake portion of the mould and spritz with a finishing touch of alcohol.


Pouring the Cake Bases

Step Four: Now for a Cherry for each cake! Melt 1 TEASPOON - only a couple of seconds in the microwave is needed, with a drop or so of Tomato Red Colour and, very carefully, pour into the centre of the Cherry part of the mould. Allow this to set hard.


Step Five: Melt approximately 1/4 cup of White Melt & Pour now, not too warm. Only heat until just liquid. Add ONE drop of colour or even less for a pastel colour, and stir to combine well. Add fragrance to this portion if desired, stir well, and spritz to remove any bubbles

Step Six: Spritz the set "cherry" with Isopropyl Alcohol and carefully pour the "Icing" around the Cherry until the cavity is filled.


Make Cherry using Clear Soap

Step Seven: Now be patient! Allow to get completely cold before attempting unmoulding. Allow a couple of hours in summer. If they prove stubborn, 5 minutes in the refrigerator, not too much longer, will help. I use a small flexible spatula to begin to ease out the Cherry Tops.


 Make Cherry using Clear Soap

Step Eight: Once unmoulded, melt a little left over MP Soap, any colour, until quite liquid. Spritz the underside of the Icing top, and the top surface of the patty case base with alcohol. Pour some MP Soap onto the base and carefully place the icing portion on top and gently press. Work quickly so that the top sticks well to the base.


Join the top to the base

Voila! Don’t forget to wrap – shrink wrap if possible, if not wrap in cello, cello bags or store in jars.