Melt & Pour S'Mores Soapy Treats
  • Difficulty Advanced
  • Time 1 hour


Melt & Pour S'Mores Soapy Treats

This project uses three soap bases, which you may have already. The amounts of soapy ingredients vary, so just read through the instructions first to see if you already have all you need - it's really easy to dig into your soap store and mix and match. Each individual cavity holds around 25g of soap - so adjust the amounts of colour and fragrance accordingly. The Soapy Marshmallow is like Melt & Pour Frosting, and you may want to trial making a half batch of the frosting first to see how much you like inside your soaps.


Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate

You'll Need:

1 (or more) S'Mores Mould - Each sheet makes 3 complete sets (Sorry this mould has now been deleted)
White Melt & Pour Base
Clear Melt & Pour Base
Foamy Bath Butter
A Foody Fragrance for the Biscuits - Almond Biscotti, Cinnamon Sugar, Ginger Souffle, Ginger Snap, or even Toasted Rice and my favourite, Warm Vanilla Sugar - they will all work. For the Ginger Snap and Ginger Souffle you might want to add some Vanilla Colour Stabiliser to control the dark brown so the contrast between the chocolate slice and biscuit is still evident. All these foodies discolour somewhat due to the vanilla content.
A Chocolate Fragrance - Dark Rich Chocolate, Italian Spiced Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, Mint Chocolate Chip - all good!
Assorted Colours - Yellows, browns, either liquid or micas - Non bleeding are best

First pour the cracker cavities


  • You'll need 2 parts of any of our Clear Melt & Pour Bases and 1 part of any of our Opaque (white) Melt & Pour Bases
  • Add a small amount Yellow Liquid Pigment Dispersion with a touch of Dark Brown Oxide Liquid (or chocolate gold or cappucino Mica for a touch of sheen) to make the biscuit colour. Go REALLY EASY on the brown colour as you are making quite small quantity for one set of crackers. I use a paddle pop stick to measure the colour drop by drop. If you overcolour, use some extra white base or a little liquid Titanium Dioxide.
  • Pour into the Cracker mould cavities

Now pour the chocolate cavities


  • To make the chocolate slices, use a clear soap base.
  • Add Dark Brown Oxide Liquid until you get the chocolate colour to look realistic. Again, you won't need a lot of colour, it's quite a small amount of soap. Any of Bramble Berry's Chocolate Fragrances will be delish in this project!
  • Pour the scented chocolate colour soap into the mould cavities
  • Set aside to set

While your S'more pieces are setting up, begin preparing the marshmallow centres.


Melt & Pour S'Mores Soapy Treats

If you are going to make about 8 - 10 Soaps, you'll need 500g Foamy Bath Butter and approximately 2 tablespoons Vegetable Glycerine and 500g White Melt & Pour Base

This is quite easy!


  • Place the Foamy Bath Butter into a bowl ready to whip with an electric beater
  • Dice the melt the White Soap Base, add the Glycerine and microwave on medium low until melted
  • Mash down the Foamy Bath Butter and then pour NEARLY ALL of the liquid white soap mixture over the Foamy Bath butter and begin beating. The hot liquid soap will soften down the foamy bath butter, and help quicken the time it takes to cool down and whip nice and fluffy

Now assemble the S'mores

If the remainder of the white base has set during this, give it a quick blast in the microwave to re-melt - this is what you are going to glue the s'mores together with

  • Once the crackers are set completely, remove from the mould.
  • Place half the crackers, face down
  • Give a quite spritz of alcohol onto the surface and pour a small amount of the liquid white soap (that you just re-melted) onto the cracker and immediately place the chocolate piece on top and gently press
  • Now spritz again, and drizzle a little more melted soap base onto the chocolate piece and the add a "dollop" of the marshmallow soap using a small spatula or spoon.
  • Spritz with alcohol, and another drizzle of liquid soap and "glue" on the other cracker, giving it a little press to bed them together securely.
  • Allow to set and then wrap with cello or clear cake packaging - superb!