Melt & Pour Candy Swirl Pinwheel Soaps
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour


 Bramble Berry’s Candy Swirl Soaps

These cleverly simple but appealing soaps were made by Anne-Marie at Bramble Berry.  They are very easy to make and don’t take too long either. These glorious pastel tones are all made with micas, but you can of course use Non-Bleeding Liquid Colours too. Dyes will bleed and ruin the look of these soaps.

This tutorial is from Anne-Marie’s Soap Blog Instruction Tutorial – you may have seen the Christmas Version on the front of our Website a while back.

Update! SoapQueen has just released a new Pinwheel tutorial - making Bath Bombs in the Disc Mould packaging:  Pinwheel Peppermint Christmas Bath Bombs


 Christmas Pinwheel Soaps


What you’ll Need


Pin Wheel Melt & Pour Soaps - Now this Tutorial is on Video from Soap Queen TV


Step One: Cut soap into small squares. 

Dice the White Melt & Pour Soap

Step Two:
Melt soap in a coffee cup or Pyrex container (or whatever you have that is heat safe in the microwave). Melt on medium in short bursts to ensure a thorough melt without boiling.

 Cutting out and Filling in the Shapes

Step Three: Add scent to melted soap base. I used just over 15ml Fragrance per Kilo of soap. Pour soap base into the round mould and spritz with a finishing touch of alcohol. If you are incredibly impatient (like me), put mold into the freezer for roughly 25 minutes. If you want to do things the "right" way to ensure no condensation is formed, wait 2 hours and pop the soap out of the moulds.

Step Four: With a very small bladed knife make a mark in the centre of the circle. Proceed to cut the round soap into eight sections using the mark as a starting point on each cut. You get extra bonus points if you cut the sections curved. It's harder than it looks to cut them curved! Out of the eight sections, pick the four that align with each other the best. (You can also encourage the wedges into a curved shape when they are first cut)

 Cutting out and Filling in the Shapes

Step Five: Place the four sections back into the round mould. Pour a THIN layer of clear soap into the bottom of the mould. Let this layer of soap harden (approximately 7-10 min). This is to make sure the curved pieces stay in place when the fill colour is added

Step Six: Fill another coffee cup or heat safe Pyrex with soap. Melt the soap and add colour (to preference) and fragrance.

 Colour the Clear Soap

Step Seven: Let melted soap cool so that it is no longer steaming and won't burn your finger (if you were to dip your finger in the glass). The goal is to have the soap cool enough to not melt the white pinwheel swirls. Spray the four pieces of white soap in the round mould with rubbing alcohol and pour the remaining coloured soap into the mould, over the pinwheel soap cut outs. The rubbing alcohol ensures that the pieces will adhere nicely to your overpour.

Pouring the Contrast Colour

Step Eight: Place mould back into the freezer for roughly 25 minutes if you're impatient and willing to get condensation on your soaps. If you want to ensure that you don't get glycerin dew (sweating) on your soaps, resist the urge to hurry the process and wait 3 hours before gently popping your soaps out.

 Anne-Marie’s Beautiful Candyswirl Soaps

Don’t forget to wrap – they look beautiful wrapped like toffees!