Malibu Pink Dilution Tips

Malibu Pink Dilution Tips

Just remember, this is a STRONG dye, with a high PDC, but you can achieve a soft, pastel tone by using a lot less colour! In White Melt & Pour, you will easily produce pastel shades. As noted on the notes on the product info, Malibu Pink occasionally causes some speckles, so here's how to fix that.

The graphic below shows:

30ml liquid glycerine, 5mls Isopropyl Alcohol and about 10 drops of Malibu Pink
Add the glycerine, alcohol and colour to the beaker, stir with a pop stick until the mixture
is clearly, transparently pink!
Store in an eye dropper bottle or amber bottle with eye dropper ready for use

You will need to add more "colour" to your soap this way as it's so dilute,
but it will eliminate the speckles that can occur and be easier for bath fizzies and salts.

Malibu Pink Dilution in Glycerine