Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 800g


Body Parfait in Small Bail Jar

This isn’t so much a recipe as the instructions on how to put the parfaits together.  If you make your own moisturiser cream you can use that, or if you buy our pre-made bases, you can choose either the Luxury Moisturiser Base or Soothing Moisturiser Base – both are fine.  Our Whipped Body Butter is a little too thick for this formulation to work well.

This recipe uses coloured Aloe Vera Gel for the stripe; choose your favourite colour and/or scent.  Beware of Vanilla based scents though, as some of these can discolour the cream.

Not all Aloe Vera Gels will work, so if not using ours, a small trial is recommended. If you make your own moisturisers, ensure your cream has enough body as lotions are too thin and runny. 

Body Parfait in Small Bail Jar


Body and Bath Parfaits look best in a tallish tubs or our Bail Jars

You’ll need 2 Pyrex, or plastic mixing jugs, large enough (750ml minimum) to hold the two main ingredients – one for the Aloe Gel and one for the Moisturiser.


  • Measure the Aloe Vera Gel into one jug, and add 2 – 4 drops of Liquid Dispersion colour of choice  – I used Liquid Dispersion Carmine for this batch.  Stir well to combine
  • Set the coloured Aloe Vera Gel aside
  • In the other jug spoon in the 500g moisturiser and then measure the fragrance or essential oils
  • Stir well to combine – ensure you use a VERY clean spoon
  • In the bottom of the Bail Jar or tub, carefully use a clean teaspoon to place about 1 cm of moisturiser base
  • Now, using another clean spoon, very carefully spoon small spoonfuls of coloured Aloe Vera Gel – take care not to smear the sides of the tub
  • Continue to the top, finishing with a layer of moisturiser.
  • Seal and hang a swing tag, or label – ready for gift giving!


  • These make fabulous looking unique gifts, BUT, they don’t post well (as in the mail) because the parcel may be shaken upside down and this will upset the layers, so they are best given directly to your gift recipient.
  • You can choose any scent you like, and then choose the colour to match.
  • Oil Soluble colours will not work in the recipe, but some micas will work.
  • Powdered pigments, including some micas will “fall out” of the Aloe Gel over time.
  • Liquid, water soluble food dyes (such as icing colours) will bleed over time and ruin the look of the parfait

If using "Add to Trolley" you'll see Luxury Moisturiser Base and Carmine Liquid Dispersion are listed, but no fragrance or essential oils.  Just amend the items and add your preferred fragrance/essential oil blend to suit your preference.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait
Short Description

This isn’t so much a recipe as the instructions on how to put the parfaits together!

Difficulty Beginner
Yields 800g

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Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait

Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait PDF

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Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait

Luxury Moisturiser Cream Base 500g

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Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait

Aloe Vera Gel 500g

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Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait

Liquid Pigment Dispersion - Carmine Red 15ml

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Luscious-Lotion Body Parfait

Bail Jar - Small 200ml

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