Luscious Bath Truffle Melts
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 160g


Bath Melts are sometimes called Bath Truffles and are really easy to make and are excellent gifts - an essential inclusion for Pamper Packs.  Of course, if you don't have a bath, they are excellent for foot soaks too!

All our moulds are suitable for Melts, but we recommend choosing the smaller type designs without too much fine detail - the ones used for Guest Soaps.  If using a tray mould (such as the Bee tray or Tree of Life tray, unmould the slab, use a sharp, thin bladed knife that has been heated to cut though the set up melts on a work board,  as soon as they are set.

You'll find a complete list of our moulds here.  You can leave the melts uncoloured, or use our Lip Colours or Micas to colour these. 

Liquid Melt & Pour Colours, Brites and Dispersions are not suitable for this recipe.

Fragrance Suggestions that Work Well in Bath Melts:

There are of course lots more, and many Essential Oil Blends - check our our Blending Guide Suggestions on the Fragrance Oils and Recipes Pages.

What you need:

  • Spoon for mixing
  • Microwave safe jug for melting ingredients and mixing bowl

Safety notice - Because of the Cocoa Butter in this recipe, the bath tub may become a little slippery, so take care when stepping in and out of the bath. 


  1.  Melt Cocoa Butter in microwave safe jug
  2.  Sift or sieve the other powders into a mixing bowl
  3.  If using colour, stir the powdered colour into the Cocoa Butter once completely melted - the mica or oil soluble colour will disperse well
  4.  Combine the dry ingredients with the liquid cocoa butter and then stir in the Fragrance and/or Essential Oils
  5.  Allow to cool a little before you pour into the moulds
  6.  Let the melts sit undisturbed for a number of hours to ensure they are completely set In hot weather, we recommend setting in the fridge
  7.  Carefully unmould these as you would unmould chocolates.  These can be wrapped in chocolate foils, wrapped in cello or stored in Bail Jars or our Wide Necked   Tubs

Variations - It is easy to vary what you include in Bath Melts, and because they are "Melt & Pour" you can layer them, just like you do chocolates!

  • Include some baby oatmeal (or finely grind oats in your coffee grinder)
  • Alternatively, you can use some Natrasorb Bath as a water softener
  • If you would like use natural colours, they will work well, and if you choose Infused Carrot Oil, they will be a lovely golden colour - they need to be oil soluble
  • Layer Chocolate and Raspberry together - colour the brown layer with Chocolate Gold Mica, or Cocoa Powder and scent with Chocolate Fragrance.   Use Sun Ripened Raspberry Fragrance in the pink portion - which can be coloured with Watermelon Red Lip Colour or any Red or Pink Mica
  • Brush the top of the finished Melts with Royal Gold or New Gold Mica
  • You can also make uncoloured melts, and melt a small portion of Cocoa Butter and colour with Chocolate Gold Mica.  Sit the melts on some "Glad Bake" and carefully drizzle the liquid Cocoa Butter over the melts like Icing.
  • Package as you would chocolates for a special gift