Liquid Soap Paste, Castile

Liquid Soap Paste, Castile

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Concentrated Paste
This natural liquid soap paste is made using 100% Olive Oil, which makes it an ideal hand and body soap.  If you use soap on your face, castile is the purest for facial use. Our liquid soap paste is a great all purpose soap base that can be used as body wash for bath and shower, as well as hand soap.  1kg of Soap Paste makes around 5 Litres of Liquid Soap, or can be diluted even further to make up to 6 Litres for use in our Foamy Pumps. O ne of the best things about buying your liquid soap in paste form is that not only can you control the dilution, but if freight costs are an issue for you, it saves on your shipping.  You can store the paste for at least 12 months until you wish to make up a litre or so and dilute it then.

Dilution Ratios:  This will vary depending on the concentration you require. We recommend from 1:2 to 1:6. (ie. we use 1:4 - this means 40g of paste and 160g water).
Note: Dilution dictates how cleansing the soap is, not the thickness.

This soap recipe has been specifically formulated to enable it to be thickened with salt solution. You'll find the directions below.

Directions for Diluting: To dilute soap paste, we recommend using a large pot or bowl so the pot will be half full when you're done. Boil the water you'll be using, and remove from heat. Measure a portion of soap paste into the bowl or jug, and pour over the hot water. Stir thoroughly and allow the mixture to sit for an hour or so. You can stir periodically during this time, and you'll see the soap paste dissolves and stays clear.  Keep in mind that this can take up to several hours if diluting a large quantity at one time. When the soap paste is fully dissolved it's ready to use. Add your fragrance and colourant (if using). Thicken if desired.

Directions for Thickening:  Make a 20% salt water solution by adding 20g regular table salt (not iodised) into 80g warm water.  You can begin by adding one teaspoon (5ml) of Salt Solution per 100g of Liquid Soap, and increase if necessary. The soap will slowly thicken over an hour.

You can also thicken the soap by using Borax at 0.1% of the diluted batch. Although specially formulated to thicken with salt, you can also use Shampoo Ultra Thick pastilles can be used at a 1 - 5% usage rate.  If using Shampoo Ultra Thick Liquid there is no need to heat, but you may require a little higher percentage. These are guidelines only as each fragrance and combination of essential oils will affect the thickness a little differently, so test batches are the way to get your perfect viscosity.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Liquid Soap Paste, Castile
Palm Free Icon Yes
Ingredients Saponified Olive Oil and Water