Liquid Pigment Dispersion Set - 50ml (5 pack)

Liquid Pigment Dispersion Set - 50ml (5 pack)

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We know you just love our colour sets!  When you buy the 50ml five pack you'll save $8.00 on the individual colours.  This pack contains 5 colours of our Liquid Pigment Dispersions (this pack no longer contains black, which can be purchased separately) - suitable for Melt & pour Soap as well as Cold Processed Soap.  

Liquid Pigment dispersions are specifically selected for their versatility - Melt & Pour Soap, Cold Processed Soap, Liquid Soap, Bath Bombs and Bath Salts.  Our colours are concentrated, so slowly add more colour to your product until you reach the desired depth of colour. These colours can be mixed together with all our other colours to create dozens of different colours! Cold Process Soap uses considerably more colour than Melt and Pour Soap and Liquid Soap.

All these colours are all approved for cosmetic use.

This pack now contains 5 colours:

50ml Yellow Dispersion
50ml Carmine Dispersion
50ml Deep Sea Green Dispersion
50ml Royal Purple Dispersion
50ml Deep Blue Dispersion

There is a graphic of each colour mixed into salts on the individual colour listings as well as Melt and Pour.   Click this link to see our Liquid Dispersions in Cold Process Soap

Product Suitability:

Melt & Pour Soap - Yes
Cold Processed Soap - Yes
Liquid Soap & Shampoo- Yes
Cosmetics including Eye area - Yes
Water Based Lip Products - No
Oil & Wax Based Lip Products  - No
Candles - No
These Colours are: Liquid Pigment Dispersions
Liquid Pigment Dispersions are not suitable for Oil based products
Suitable for Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars and Bath Salts, Cold Processed Soap and Melt & Pour Soap

Our Test Results:

Full information on individual colours is listed on that specific colour description page. For Cold processed soapers, the Carmine Red (Non animal based) and Yellow need to be used at higher concentration as they pull back in Cold Process.
Colour Bleeding (Migration):  These colours won't bleed or migrate in soap

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Liquid Pigment Dispersion Set - 50ml (5 pack)
Cold process soap (stable at high pH) Yes, stable
Colour Cosmetics - Eyes Yes
Colour Cosmetics - Skin Yes
Emulsions (ie Lotions) Yes
Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash etc Yes
Melt & Pour Soap Yes
Pigment or Dye Pigment
Vegan Yes
Water soluble or dispersible Yes, dispersible