Lip Pot - Maxi Cup Cakes

Lip Pot - Maxi Cup Cakes
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Our Maxi Lip Pots are larger than our mini range and are very popular!  Maxi Lip Pots come with a chocolate base colour, and two have vanilla base colours. They have a small catch you just "flick" UPwards to open, and each pot holds about 1 teaspoon of Lip Balm. They come in three designs and packs contain all three styles, in each sized pack (equal numbers of each style). Drop down the arrows below for larger pack sizes.

To open, Flick UP the little catch on the side of the cake and its open (do not pull on the "icing"). These are perfect for birthday parties, hen nights, school fetes or novelties on your market stall, and they make fabulous, fun "thank you" gifts.  Exclusive to Aussie Soap Supplies, you will love this little babies :)

And whether filled, or used empty, we've been told little ones like to put tiny treasures into the pots!

You will find a mini tutorial using our Melt & Pour Lip Base Here

Colour: 3 styles as pictured
Volume: approx 10ml
Overall External Height: 30mm
Overall Diameter External: 50mm
Diameter of Internal Lip Pot: 37mm
Depth internal base Lip Pot: 8mm
Material:  PP
Recycle:  5
BPA Free

TIP: We found it was easiest to fill these on a flat bench with the "icing" lids supported. We use a shallow baking tray and fill with approximately 1cm of rice and snuggle the pots into the rice with the "icing" lids resting on the rice and Voila! The lids are supported by the rice and make filling the pots a breeze. Another tip passed on by Leanne P, is to use a dab of blu tack to stick the little base down whilst filling.

The manufacturer recommends a maximum filling temperature of 70°C. Filling with a base that is too hot may warp the plastic.

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Additional Information

Name Lip Pot - Maxi Cup Cakes
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