Lip Balm Kit – Easy Argan Lip Treat

Lip Balm Kit – Easy Argan Lip Treat

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This Lip Treat is one of our formulations originally from our Recipe Formulary, and it has proven so popular that we have released it in boxed kit form.  Argan Lip Treat was created during winter and you will see it listed as Winter Lip Treat in the Recipe Formulary.  However, it is also excellent for use in summer as the Lip Balm Base inclusion gives it a higher melting point so it is not too soft for warmer weather if you do not add extra oil.  It is great for summer lips too – whether they are sore, cracked, dry or wind chapped.

This kit offers the ease of using a pre made, quality Lip Balm Base with the added luxury of Pure Oat Oil, Organic Argan Oil and Castorlene Gel (a Vegan, natural substitute for Vaseleine or petroleum, jelly).  Pure Oat Oil is a unique blend of complex lipids, and is the only refined natural oil that contains both the neutral and the polar lipids found in the skin itself.  Our Oat Oil is rich in ceramides and Vitamin E making it a fantastic ingredient for lip products.  Oat Oil hydrates, smoothes, refines lips and its moisturising properties help to prevent lips drying and cracking - it has quite a lot of goodness packed into a small bundle!   Organic Argan Oil high has a high Vitamin E content and also high levels of Omega-5 and Omega-9 fatty acids all of which are perfect for lip and skincare as it effectively penetrates and smoothes.  Castorlene Gel is included to contribute a slightly softer consistency and because is also beneficial in lip products as it offers slip, shine and improved skin feel.

You'll be able to fill the 5 Maxi Lip Balm Sticks and the 12 Lip Balm Pots, depending on how much liquid oil is added (You have spare Argan and Oat Oil to adjust the hardness of the balm).


  • 100g Melt & Pour Lip Balm Base
  •  25ml Argan Oil, Organic
  •  15ml Oat Oil, Pure
  •  15g Castorlene Gel
  •  1 x 5ml Flavour
  •  1 x 5ml Lip Balm Sweetener
  •  2 x 6 packs Blossoms Lip Pots
  •  1 x 5 pack White Maxi Lip Tubes
  •  2 x Disposable Pipettes
  •  Full instructions

With this kit, you can select our Premium Lip Balm Base with Vitamin E or our Nourishing (Vegan) Lip Balm Base and you can select from two lip pot designs.

All flavours and Lip Smacking Sweetener are Vegan friendly.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Lip Balm Kit – Easy Argan Lip Treat