Lip Balm for Lip Balm Tubes
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 12 - 14 tubes


Lip Balm Recipe for Tubes

The trick to making Lip Balm for tubes is the balance of hard waxes to butter and oils, taking into account seasonal temperature changes. If you keep a record and ensure accurate measurements, with a little tweaking, you'll be able to create your personal favourite!

You can use our Maxi Lip Tubes, or Mini Lip Tubes or the regular size!

30g Beeswax Beads
15g Cocoa Butter
30g Macadamia or Almond Oil
60g Organic Shea Butter
50g Mango Butter
1/4 tsp or more Lip Flavour
Liquid Stevia or Lip Smacking Sweetener
Lip colouring if desired

 12 - 14 regular size lip tubes.


  • Mix the colour into the Macadamia or Almond Oil and set aside. (The colour will look much darker at this point as it is so concentrated. When the balm sets it will become a translucent/creamy shade of the colour.)

  • Melt the Beeswax and Cocoa Butter, and then add the Mango Butter and shea and melt.  Keep the temperature quite warm (around 70 - 80°C)

  • Remove from the heat and add Macadamia or Almond oil (containing the colour). Stir well.

  • Add flavouring and sweeten if desired and stir well.

  • I pour directly from the 250ml Pyrex jug to fill the lip balm tubes.

TIP: To assist filling those fiddly tubes, use an elastic band to keep them all bound together, stand them into a cream jar or tub whilst filling and setting.  Work quickly as they will begin to set.  The balm will leave a slight hollow in the centre when set, so just just keep an eye on them, and top up before it sets.