Light Body Oil Sprays
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 15 mins
  • Yields 200ml



A quick spritz of Body Oil Spray is particularly useful in summer after a shower. You can of course use them without having damp skin, but I like the way it feels really emollient and silky when used on moist skin.

This type of formula is sort of like having a liquid lotion bar, but very light, particularly if you stick to the Fractionated Coconut Oil as 50% of the formula.

They are very easy to make, you don’t need to face the “preservative question” as this is anhydrous (all oil and no water) so it can be a totally natural product if you want it to be. I use whatever Bramble Berry Fragrance is my current favourite when making it, but of course Essential Oils are perfect too.  You can package these in 115ml PET Spritz Bottles, 170ml Squat PET Bottles with Spray closure or Aluminium Spray bottles.

Very Light After Shower Body Oil Spray

Regular After Shower Body Oil Spray

After Shower Body Oil Spray with Squalane and Camellia Oil



  • I LOVE Olive Squalane, so if you have some on hand put 5% into the blend, skin just drinks it up
  • Sunflower Oil is an oil I rarely use as it has a fairly short shelf life, but I do like it in some formulas including Oil Body Sprays, up to 15% is nice
  • Rice Bran Oil is another nice store-cupboard staple for me, about 20% is ample
  • Including 10% of Jojoba makes a more substantial spray and it’s brilliant in skincare
  • To make it silkier and more dry and silky feeling add 10% Cyclomethicone
  • To add an occlusive barrier (to trap moisture) adding 10% Dimethicone will do it
  • I like Vitamin E included in most of my skincare formulas but if you find it too viscous you can leave this out
  • Include OIL SOLUBLE Herbal extracts if you like to use them

TIPS: Remember to shower early if you are using prior to getting dress and going out for the evening, and stick to nice clear light oils such as the Fractionated Coconut Oil and Camellia Oil.