Lettuce Gardeners Soap
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 10 bars (2 batches)


Lettuce Gardener's Scrubby Melt and Pour Soap

This is a good beginner bar as you learn to include additives and layering.  Each layer has a different exfoliant - it's fun to mix it up!

The ingredients for this soap make 2 batches of 5 bars

You'll need the following per batch:

 Coffee Grounds:  They are freely accessible today!  Collect some and allow them to dry out so you are adding a powder (no moisture).  If you have a machine, just keep some, if you use coffee pods, cut open the pods and empty the grounds out into a container!   No machine, no pods, no problem!  You can get commercial quantities for the price of a cup of coffee from your local cafe!  They just have SO many to dispose of!   You can even take a bag, or container and just ask them if they would mind filling that for you, you can even offer them a bar of soap when it's made!

Coffee Grounds

Base Layer:  Coffee grounds - I used the contents of 2 pods (watch out for little pieces of aluminium if you are using scissors to cut them open

Middle Layer:  Shredded Loofah - use either medium or fine, whatever you like

Top Layer:  The only layer with colour, and has ground pumice stone

What to do:

  1. Melt 160g of diced soap base, and add approximately 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds and 2ml Lettuce Fragrance and mix thorough.  Spray with alcohol to remove any small dry spots or bubbles on top then allow it to cool & thicken slightly.  This is poured at 55°C

  2. Allow this to set up and begin on the second layer

    Lettuce Gardener's Scrubby Melt and Pour Soap
  3. Melt 160g of diced soap base, and add approximately 1 tablespoon of shredded loofah and stir well. 

  4. Check the soap is firm enough to press with your finger and support the next layer.

  5. Spritz the soap in the mould with alcohol and then carefully pour this layer of the top, spritz again to remove surface bubbles

    Lettuce Gardener's Scrubby Melt and Pour Soap

  6. Repeat with the top layer, 160g of soap base, fragrance and this time I used 10 drops (quite a lot) of Brites for MP Green because the pumice brings the colour right down and mutes it.  Carefully stir through approximately 1 tablespoon of pumice continually until it gets to the point where it will stay suspended in the soap. At this point the soap will be the consistency of liquid honey.

  7. Spritz the surface of the previous layer with alcohol and then pour into mould.

Notes:  By having the loofah in the centre you will get the 'groove marks' as you cut it, if you don't like this look, switch it around and put the loofah in the top green layer, and then cut the soap upside down and this will eliminate that look.

Trolley items will make approximately 10 bars