Lauryl Glucoside

Lauryl Glucoside

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Lauryl Glucoside is very gentle surfactant made from coconut oil and/or palm oil (lauryl) and sugar (glucose), the result of the reaction between them. It has virtually nil level of skin irritability which is why it's so requested by those with sensitive skin. Lauryl Glucoside is closely related so Polyglucoside, so both work well in the one formulation.

Lauryl glucoside is part of the alkyl glycoside family (APG's) and is therefore made from renewable, sustainable raw materials which biodegrade ready, is gentle on the skin and fits our demands for "safe green solutions" whilst maintaining biodegradable, are gentle on the skin and is efficient in hard water. 

As Lauryl Glucoside is a white, thickish paste it offers some thickening to your formula. If purchasing during cool weather, take the lid from the container and gently warm in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes (depending on the size) until pourable.

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Usage Rate: 10 - 25% of the total formula
Non Ionic
Appearance:  Thick, white, pasty liquid
pH: 11.5
COSMOS approved

This surfactant is being stocked at the request of many customers, so it's currently on trial, if it proves popular, it will be become permanent!

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NOTE:  August 2017 - we have just done our "palm free check" and can no longer mark this ingredient as "palm free".

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Lauryl Glucoside
INCI Lauryl Glucoside
Ingredients Raw material update August 2017: Coconut and palm kernel oil, glucose