Using Left Over Jelly Soap

Left Over Jelly Soap

I find that Jelly Soap leaves the most left over soap as it clings to the jug and sets up quickly.  This how I use the left overs!

The picture above shows pink bears - they are 50% White Melt and Pour Soap and 50% left over Jelly Soap. 
I simply melted both bases together in the microwave, covered, until ready to pour.
The bars feel as 
firm as regular Melt and Pour Soaps, and lather nicely.

Using left over Jelly soap

The picture above a jelly topped bear soap on the white soap dish. This is a simple two layer pour.  This time I used a good spritz of Isopropyl Alcohol
to ensure the layers stayed put.  Pour the jelly soap into the mould.  Then melt some White Melt and Pour Soap,
any variety, and you can either colour to a pastel tone, or if you have used a Liquid Lake in the Jelly Soap,
you can pour white soap and the colour will migrate across into the uncoloured soap leaving it a pastel tone.

Left Over Jelly Soap

When you have two or three colours left over, like the graphic above, you can make rainbow layers.
Stir it until it looks like "food" jelly for the top of a trifle.
Using a see through container or tub, and layer the soap into the container, like a parfait.
Present with spoon or instructions to scoop out a teaspoon or so and enjoy in the shower or bath.

Jelly Soap and Melt and Pour Soap 

This Christmas soap is 50% White Melt and Pour Soap and 50% left over jelly soap.
For this look I put both soaps into the same jug, melted it in the microwave and poured straight away
It combines nicely into a speckly soap which can be used the same as any regular bar of hand made soap.

 If you have more ways to incorporate left over Jelly Soap in new ways we'd love to share them with other soapers!  
Please let us know and we'll post your ideas to share.