How to Make Your Own Natural Cold Processed Soap

DIY Natural Soap

Handmade Soap Recipes

Aussie Soap Supplies provides soap ingredients and soap making kits to make this process simple and fun. Our starter packs include all you need to make your own soap, and our kits include tutorials to help get you started. Browse our DIY Soap Kits and order online.

Why you should make your own soap

  • You control what goes into your soaps:  Creating your own handmade soaps puts you in control of the process. This way you know what goes into your soap, and with our starter kits, you know you’re getting only natural ingredients. Get creative and make your own unique products.
  • Wide range of ingredients:  There is a variety of colours, oils and exfoliants you can add to our bases to create something that you will love. Make a range and use for home, gifts or to sell.
  • Improve skin conditions:   Now you finally have soap that can help alleviate certain skin conditions.  Our natural ingredients include Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Shea Butter to name a few.
  • Great gift:  Create a gift basket for your loved ones with your own range of handmade soaps or products.  Add a creative touch with great packaging and you’ll have an amazing array of gifts, or stock items for your craft business. You can also take this opportunity to introduce your family and friends to the benefits of organic and natural soap, especially making their own.
  • It’s relaxing and fun:  Making your own soap is relaxing, fun and creative. Our many soapers keep telling us how much they enjoy the process and how satisfying it is to use soaps that you make yourself. Before you start making DIY soaps, make sure you have the following quality ingredients:
  • Essential Oils Essential oils are fragrant, volatile oils derived from plant material (herbs, shrubs or trees).  We also use Bramble Berry’s fabulous cosmetic fragrances, which are all the highest quality and meet IFRA standards.  All Bramble Berry fragrances are tested in Cold Process Soap as well as Melt and Pour Soap – so, if they are likely to seize your soap, you will know ahead of time! Most essential oils are obtained by a steam distillation process. Many citrus oils are obtained by cold pressing and contain the natural colour from the fruit.  We only stock 100% pure and natural essential oils.
  • Colours All our colours, micas and glitters are of the required Australian cosmetic standard and safe to use on the skin.  Applications for each colour are listed on the individual pages.  We also sell a large range of natural clays and colours too.

Recipe Formulary

Keen to get started but need some inspiration?  We have a huge range of recipes and tutorials to help you get started.  We have also written and published three of our own books to assist you.

Tools & Measures

We offer a range of “helpers” to assist in the soap making process.  This includes beakers for mixing and blending essential oils, clean up tools, cosmetic spatulas and cutters, to name a few.  Order online to start making your own natural soap.