Honey Ale Beer Soaps
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour


Honey Ale Melt and Pour Beer Soaps

*Note:  Honey Ale Fragrance has been deleted, and Oatmeal Stout Fragrance is retiring soon.  We suggest using Pure Honey Fragrance OIl in this project.

Our "Glass of Beer" is made with our Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base, (or you can use Extra Clear too), some White Soap Base (any variety) and Bramble Berry Honey Ale Fragrance.  We have used a touch of Royal Gold Mica, and in the light coloured one no colour at all. If you would like a really dark colour stout or ale, use Oatmeal Stout. You can also add some Latte Mica to even it out and give a pearlescent finish.

One of the most difficult things to do with round or wide cylindrical soaps is wash!  So, here's a secret, slice the soaps down vertically into halves, straight down, through the foamy head! You can do this and then shrink wrap, or just put a little note with the instructions on your label if you aren't going to shrink wrap them.

What You’ll Need:

 Hand Made Soap Glass of Beer with Honey Ale

 Hand Made Soap Glass of Beer with Honey Ale


Step One:  To begin, decide how many soaps you are making, and weigh out 150g Clear Soap Base per soap (glass), dice into cubes and melt on medium in the microwave. Only heat to 55°C or so

Step Two:  If adding Mica, a SMALL amount goes a long way in this recipe, especially as the beery fragrances discolour to varying degrees

Step Three:  Add 1 1/2 - 2 ml Fragrance per "cup" of soap and stir well to combine.  Allow to cool down to approximately 48°C.  Stir intermittently to avoid getting a skin on the top, if it does start to set, gently re-melt.

Step Four:  Pour into the plastic cup - REMEMBER IF IT IS TO HOT IT WILL MELT THE PLASTIC CUP.   If you pour from a height you can trap the little bubbles (like in beer) in the soap, or to avoid these, pour close to the top of the cup rim.  I like my beer soaps with bubbles!

 Hand Made Soap Glass of Beer with Honey Ale

Step Five:   Allow to set for 1/2 hour or so, and when firm it is time to make the white "head"

Step Six:  Melt the White Soap and then use the milk frother to make a nice foamy head.  No need to add glycerine or anything else, and no fragrance - you don't want the head discolouring!

 Hand Made Soap Glass of Beer with Honey Ale

Step Seven:   Spritz the set base layer in the cup and pour the white, frothy soap over the top and you are done!

 Hand Made Soap Glass of Beer with Honey Ale

Step Eight:  Take care when unmoulding. The cup with the ridges (the dark one with a full pigment scoop of Mica) was difficult to remove.  the thinner, frail cups were excellent - I just used scissors and cut down two sides and then peeled off the cup "mould".

Don’t forget to wrap the soaps in cello bags or sheets.

Note:  I fragranced each with Honey Ale, but had no colour in one, the merest smidgeon of Royal Gold Mica in the second (tall cup), and in the ridged cup, a full scoop of Royal Gold Mica, so just choose your preferred colour.