HD Mould - Octagonal MID SIZE

HD Mould - Octagonal MID SIZE
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This mould makes a comfortably large guest or small regular sized bar of soap which sits nicely in your hand.  Unadorned, this style of bar looks great stamped using our soap stamps and mica.

Suitable for Cold Process, Melt and Pour Soap and Rebatch.

Cavities:  4
Soap weight:  90g
Dimensions: approximatel y 7.6cm x 5cm x 2.2cm Deep
Material:  FDA approved polystyrene plastic, 5 percent rubber

Usage Instructions: These moulds work best for melt and pour soap. Let the bars fully cool and harden before unmolding, which can take up to 12 hours. Then, pull on the sides of each cavity, flip the mold over, and press gently on the back of the cavities to release the soap. If it's not releasing easily, place the mold in the freezer for no longer than 15 minutes, remove to room temperature for 2-5 minutes, and try again.

When using for Cold Process Soap ensure you use a hard recipe, and use the freezer method as above to unmould.  Do NOT twist the mould or it will crack.

More Info on how to Use and Care for Heavy Duty Moulds info here

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Additional Information

Name HD Mould - Octagonal MID SIZE
SKU HDoctmid