HD Mould - Loaf

HD Mould - Loaf

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If you are a Cold Process Soap maker this Heavy Duty Loaf is more suitable than our Premium Loaf Mould as this mould can withstand higher temperatures.  Like all our Heavy Duty Moulds, it is made of Polystyrene plastic. It is also suitable for Melt & Pour Soap, is of course totally leakproof and holds well over 1kg of soap.

Cavities: 1
Dimensions:  25cm Long x 9.5cm Wide x 6.35 cm High
Sides slope slightly
Capacity:  approximately 1.4kg Soap

Makes 8 - 10 Slices (depending on how thick you like your soap)

For easier unmoulding, only fill to within ½ cm of mould edge and slide a blunt edged knife or thin spatula around the edges to break the airlock.
Using your fingertips, gently pull the sides of mould away from the soap until you see air pockets forming.  Flip mould over and firmly, but gently push down on the mould until the soap drops out onto work surface.

How to Use and Care for Heavy Duty Moulds info here

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name HD Mould - Loaf
Short Description

Our Square Loaf Mould makes a rectangular Loaf of soap weighing over a kilo. This mould is completely leak-proof, so is ideal for Melt & Pour Soap.