Green Honey Ale Cold Processed Soap
  • Difficulty Experienced Beginner
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 12 - 14 bars


Honey Ale Cold Processed Soap - Yes it's Green!

Honey Ale Cold Proces Soap Project


G r e e n !

(for St Patrick's Day :)

*Note:  Honey Ale Fragrance has been deleted, and Oatmeal Stout Fragrance is retiring soon.  We suggest using Pure Honey Fragrance Oil in this project.

Of course, you don't have to make this yummy Cold Processed Soap Green, but you can't deny it is fun! This project uses Honey Ale Fragrance, but you can use some of our other boozy fragrances from Bramble Berry too - don't forget to check the description as Oatmeal Stout Fragrance for instance does turn dark brown, or Pumpkin Lager that turns an orange brown colour.

Anne-Marie uses clear cups for moulds in this project, ready for easy unmoulding, but I also make a presentation Beer Soap, poured into heat-proof disposable coffee cups - regular sized or espresso size for guest soap - they are ready for gift giving. These are an attractive pale cappuccino colour and usually have a nice ribbed or patterned exterior finish.

We are often asked how people actually WASH with creatively shaped soaps! We'll let you in on a secret, you cut them. For instance, if you look at the soap above, you can slice this down vertically or horizontally across the colour join (be careful if it's well cured so you don't cut yourself), Cup Cakes for instance, you slice the "icing" from the to make to half dome shaped bars, wedges are easier to handle when wet if they are cut in halves sideways to make two chunkier shaped blocks!

You'll find the Green Honey Ale CP Soap Tutorial HERE on Bramble Berry's Blog.

If you are doing green, you can use Chrome Green Oxide or blend together Liquid Dispersioins with Chromium Green to make your ideal green.

You can view ALL of Anne-Marie's Soap Queen Tutorials on her You Tube Channel Soapqueen TV - there are dozens and dozens of them!

Please note: Anne-Marie's program is made in the USA, so measurements are not in metric, but imperial, and some regulatory information details will be a little different in Australia. Some colours may also be slightly different, but we stock similar colours which give the same results. Techniques are, of course, exactly the same!