GlucoTain® Sense

GlucoTain® Sense

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GlucoTain® Sense is the replacement for GlucoTain® Plus, which is currently unavailable for bulk supply.  It is not primarily a cleansing surfactant, but a sensorial agent.

GlucoTain® Sense is one of our new line of surfactants.  We chose GlucoTain® Sense as it is Palm Free, super mild and can be used as a co-surfactant.  Its primary function is the feel it adds to your formulations.  It is a mild cleanser, sustainable, biodegradeable, easy to use and ticks many of the most requested boxes!   GlucoTain® Sense is one of the ECOTAIN® range, leaner and greener, avoids that "squeaky clean" after feel, and you can use salt to assist thickening.

This powerful sensory additive is a mild surfactant with refatting effects and is made from sunflower oil and sugar.  It offers a deeply caring after feel to the skin and is highly efficient at improving the skin-feel of rinse-off formulations.  It also contributes to viscosity helping you to meet low-salt requirements.

Download Clariant's Fact Sheet here for full information.


  • Suitable as co-surfactant
  • Refatting effect (aka super-fatting)
  • Offers some thickening capability with salt (sodium chloride)
  • Rich and creamy foam
  • Easy to rinse off (less time and less water required)
  • Contributes to viscosity helping you to meet low-salt requirements
  • Compatible with ALS systems
  • Salt Free

Rinse-off formulations:  Cream showers & baths, caring liquid hand soaps, pampering facial cleansers, shampoos, wipes, DIY kitchen products

Free from:  Ethoxylate Free (No PEGs), GMO-free, Sulfate Free, Palm derivative free, Preservative Free - No preservative is added to GlucoTain® Sense as it is self preserving.

GlucoTain Sense will replace Glucotain Plus in our Make if From Scratch Shampoo (Lots of Lather) Kit

52% Active
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Appearance,at 27ºC:  Liquid
Usage Range:  0.5 – 5.0% (depending on primary use), usual range 0.5 - 2% rinse off formulations
Mild non-ionic surfactant
Raw Materials Origin:  High Oleic Sunflower Oil and Corn grown in Europe (making it non-tropically sourced)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name GlucoTain® Sense
Palm Free Icon Yes
INCI Sunfloweroyl Methylglucamide
Ingredients Raw Materials: Sunflower and Corn