Gelati Scoop Sugar Scrub
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 45 mins
  • Yields 850g


Gelati Sugar Scrub Scoop

Customers have seen scoops of Sugar Scrub looking like scoops of Ice Cream around their local farmers markets and craft fairs and have asked us for a recipe, so here it is!

If you make “novelty” or “food” Bath & Body, this suits perfectly, you can serve ithis scrub as a “scoop”, or if you love the texture, but prefer a non-food type product, a Bail Jar, Economy Tub or Wide Neck Jar will also work beautifully to present the scrub. To really jazz this up, try some budget parfait glasses or dessert bowls, often you can find these in thrift shops, or even places like Big W.

What you'll need


You'll also need a medium to large sized microwavable bowl or jug, spatula, electric hand whisk and regular Melt & Pour Colours and Fragrance or Essential Oils.

Note 1: Fragrance Choice – if selecting “foody” fragrances, such as Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Gingersnap, Ginger Souffle, Mint Chocolate Chip, Dark Rich Chocolate the soap mixture will discolour honey/tan colour. You can pull that back by using Vanilla Colour Stabiliser, or go with this, by adding Liquid Brown Oxide or some Mica (though the Mica won’t shine) to deepen it into a honey or chocolate brown.

Note 2: Colour Choice – any colour that is suitable for Melt & Pour soap is suitable for this recipe, but try and steer away from watery liquid colours that you might have in the pantry. Ours are thick and syrupy so they won’t dissolve the sugar or cause preservation issues. Using thin watery colours means that you will probably need to use a lot they can affect the “dryness” of the mixture and this is important, you will also require a preservative. If using our Brites for MP, you’ll have some gorgeous Gelati colours if you don’t use too much colour. The sugar helps this as the volume of “white” is so large. The colour in this batch is Carmine Liquid Dispersion, and wow, what a great pink it has made in this batch!

Note 3: The quantity of sugar is going to vary slightly depending on whether you like Caster Sugar or Regular Granulated Sugar in your scrub. The Regular White Sugar you have in your coffee gives the authentic “Ice Cream” looking texture – the Caster Sugar can be a bit fine, but it makes a more gentle scrub. The most important thing is to really pack the mixture with the sugar, otherwise it won't hold the ice cream texture you are after.



  • Pre weigh all ingredients ready to go – colour can be added to mixture when required. Don’t forget – only use GLASS or CERAMIC to pre-measure Fragrance or Essential Oils.

  • Place Melt & Pour Soap into a microwave safe bowl three times larger than you think you need! ie. 2 litres is a good size

  • Lightly seal with some Cling Wrap leaving a hole for air to escape, and heat on medium for up to 2 minutes or until fully melted. Do not over heat, do keep an eye on it, and then remove from the microwave as soon as it's melted

  • Add the Foamy Bath Butter to the melted Melt & Pour Soap and re-heat for 1 to 2 minutes on medium until melted

  • Now add the liquid glycerine to the melted soaps

  • Place your hand held mixer (unless you have a special free standing mixer for your soaping (which in this case would help as it’s a tough mixing job. However I use my regular Woolies El Cheapo twin whisk beater for this type of thing), and begin to mix the melted Soaps and liquid Glycerine mixture on low

  • Turn up to high and very quickly you will see the mixture form a marshmallow type consistency. If you have the mixture too hot, just leave it to sit for a while whilst it cools a little

  • Now there is some timing required – you need to add the fragrance and the colour and then the sugar before it cools completely at this stage

  • Turn mixer to medium or low again, and add a cup of sugar, one at a time until you have added 5 – 6 cups.

  • Scrape down the sides of the bowl, and if not making into scoops, spoon into the containers


  • If you are going make into “scoops”, ensure the mixture is completely cool, and cover overnight and allow it firm up for a day. Use an icecream scoop to carefully scoop one or two dollops and place into tub or bowl!

Note: Some Fragrances and Essential Oils may thin the mixture down slightly, so just observe your particular choice for this and adjust the sugar if necessary.

Recipe Quantity:  The recipe above makes approximately 850g - 1kg. This is an approximate weight because depending on the amount of and type of sugar used this will vary. The number of tubs required is also dependant on the size of scoops you make and the type of ice cream scoop, and of course if you are just spooning the scrub into jars or tubs and not using the scoop shape.