Gelati Melt & Pour Soap Spheres
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 - 1 1/2 hours
  • Yields 4 soaps


Gelati Melt & Pour Soap Spheres

We love our new Soap Sphere Mould, if you want to make some fun balls of soap, this sphere mould will make it soooo much easier, whether it's Melt & Pour soap like these, or Cold Processed Soap, easy unmould is key!

You can decide if you want to have all pastel coloured soaps like these by using any of our white soap bases. If you would prefer a more primary coloured soap, choose a clear base and use Liquid Lakes for a rainbow look, or you can also use the Brites for MP in clear and avoid the pastel tones. This tutorial describes the pictured soaps using White Base, and Liquid Brites for Melt & Pour Soap Colours. If you want to try to avoid wrapping, select Coconut Low Sweat Bases.

To make one set of 4 Spheres, you'll need:

Note: If you are not using Energy Fragrance, check that your Fragrance choice is NOT Vanilla based (this will discolour the soap a tan/brown colour – all our fragrances note this in the description on the website) – or alternatively also purchase some Vanilla Colour Stabiliser


5 x Plastic Microwave Jugs (300ml) and 5 x Pop sticks or stirring spoons - one for each colour
A Thermometer is useful, but not essential
Electronic Scales to accurately weigh the soap for the layers

On a 4 Sphere soap pour the quantity of soap required to make the 5 layers as pictured:

Layer 1 (first pour) = 60g
Layer 2 (second pour) = 90g
Layer 3 (third pour) = 155g
Layer 4 (fourth pour) = 90g
Layer 5 (which is the top layer and final pour) = 60g

These measurements will give you the stripes as pictured. I actually melted 100g and 200g portions respectively to ensure I had enough for the pours and then remelted the leftovers into a swirled sphere later to use them up.


  • Set out the ingredients, equipment and mould, ready to go. Take the lid off the mould for the first two layers
  • Dice the Soap into small ice cube sized chunks and weigh to ensure you have the quantities ready for each layer
  • You can melt two jugs of soap at a time to avoid skinning on the jugs whilst they are waiting
  • Add 1 ml of Fragrance to each of the first two jugs, and colour with 2 - 5 drops of Liquid Brites for MP until you achieve the tone you like. Stir well to combine.
  • Pour the first layer and spritz with alcohol
  • Once it has skinned over, and is firm enough to take the second layer, spritz with alcohol again and carefully pour over the second layer

Bramble Berry Fragrances
  • Put on the top of the mould and ensure it's sealed
  • Now melt the 200g jug of soap, add fragrance and colour, and once the second layer has skinned over, and is firm enough to take the next pour, spritz with alcohol again and carefully pour over the middle layer (orange). This layer may take 15 minutes to set up.
  • Now repeat with the final two jugs, melt, colour and scent.
  • Now spritz the surface of the soaps and then place the top of the mould onto the base securely
  • Now carefully pour the fourth layer of soap through the pour holes into the mould, from a low height to avoid air bubbles
  • Spritz with alcohol to eliminate any bubbles
  • Repeat with the final layer once firm enough to pour onto - don't forget to spritz the surface of the previous layer through the holes in the top!

Bramble Berry Fragrances
  • Leave the soaps to set up completely
  • Peel back the top of the mould, and then remove the soap balls
  • If there is a small line around the circumference, carefully slice away with the back of a knife
  • Store or display in a jar, or you can of course wrap or use cello bags, shrink wrapping can be a challenge, but it is possible. Ensure you pull the cut corners and seal down and under when you shrink them

Bramble Berry Fragrances

 Soap Spheres (aka Soap Balls) look spectacular, particularly when displayed in a bowl en masse, but some people find them tricky to wash with. If you fall into this category, when you are about to actually use them in the shower, slice into halves, and wash with the half spheres :)

Bramble Berry Fragrances