Fun Melt & Pour Project for Kids - Jigsaw Pieces
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 1kg


Jigsaw Melt & Pour Soaps

If you are needing a fun and easy activity during the school holidays, or a wet afternoon, here it is! nWe can't sell you this mould, but we do have LOTS of other moulds!

If you want to make these fun and funky jigsaw soaps, you'll find the Mould at Ikea - it is simply their icecube tray! ($1.95 from memory). The more individual soaps you make, the bigger the jigsaw you can make! (Maybe you need several kilos of soap !)

We scented our soaps with three different non discolouring fragrances:

Green = Blackberry Sage coloured with Deep Sea Green and Yellow Liquid Dispersion Colour
Yellow = Pineapple Cilantro coloured with Yellow Dispersion Liquid Colour
Red = Red Apple Fragrance coloured with Carmine Dispersion Liquid Colour

If you choose to use a discolouring Fragrance such as Island Coconut or Warm Vanilla Sugar, you'll need to use Vanilla Colour Stabiliser to keep the soap from browning.

Make lots! We recommend purchasing 2 Ikea Jigaw Icecube Moulds

What You’ll Need:

Easy Instructions 

  • Dice the soap base into three portions, setting two aside
  • Melt the first portion (use a microwave safe bowls or jugs) in the Microwave on medium low
  • Colour and fragrance the first portion
  • Keep an eye on it as the soap base mustn't boil!!
  • Remove from heat and add fragrance and colour and carefully stir to combine
  • If you create any bubbles, spritz the surface with isopropyl alcohol (don't inhale the fumes - they dissipate quickly)
  • Carefully pour into the mould tray
  • Pop into the fridge to hasten setting (we don't usually recommend this but know what impatient kids are like!
  • When completely cold remove soaps from mould

    Repeat the process for each colour

  • Wrap if desired to keep out moisture and prevent “sweating”