Foamy Bottles - Table Top FROSTED

Foamy Bottles - Table Top FROSTED

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Our Frosted 250ml Table Top Foamer bottles have a larger footprint than our 150ml Foamy Bottles, hold an extra 100ml and have a chunkier foaming spout mechanism.  The bottle is slightly frosted, but still translucent.  They still have that special built in pump which produces a thick foam from water thin liquid soap.  This makes them perfect for our Natural Liquid Soap Bases, or SLS Free cleansers.  This style bottle is excellent to sit on a countertop with a very stable base.

Foaming Pump Bottles are very popular as an economical way of dispensing liquid soaps and shampoos, and also as a novel and fun gift when sold already filled with your product.  The quality pump mechanism in our pumps allows you to get a rich cleansing foam without the use of aerosols or propellants.

Our Table Top Foaming Pump has a crystal clear PET base, with a white pump top to suit all your current range.  As long as you keep the chamber the pump mechanism sits in dry, they can be refilled over and over an over.

Height to shoulder:  100mm
Height to top of Lid:  165mm
Diameter: 80mm
Closure:  40mm
These pumps are not designed for use with pure oil, but do work with solubilised scents and essential oils.

As a general guideline, you can dilute regular liquid soap by approximately 2 - 4 times. ie a ratio of 1:4 or 1:3.  If the liquid soap/cleanser isn't dilute enough, the pump won't work properly - it needs to be water thin, so dilute further if using a product that has been thickened.

TIP:  Don't over tighten the pump closure.  If shipping, you tighten the lid, but pop in a note recommending that the lid be released slightly.  This avoids a vacuum with the base.

You can see full usage information on Using Foamy Pumps Here
You can see a pictorial tutorial on filling Foamy Pumps Here

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Additional Information

Name Foamy Bottles - Table Top FROSTED