Fluro Pigment, Orange Powder

Fluro Pigment, Orange Powder

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Fluro Orange Powder is an oil dispersible colourant that is approved for use on the skin including soap.  This colourant doesn't bleed in soap and can be used in both Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap - it must be moistened before adding to the soap. 

The pigment can be a full on Neon colour, even in Cold Process Soap, BUT this does depend on HOW MUCH YOU ADD!  You are in control!  You can have subtle vibrant, but pastel orange to fluro in your face neon tangerine!

Instructions for Use:

For Melt and Pour Soap - Unless using in commercial sized batches we recommend you use the pre-dispersed liquid Brites NG Orange Colour as it is much easier if you are a beginner or part time soaper.  We have tested this colourant in Melt and Pour Soap, and it can leave a speck or two if not hydrated well.  For Melt and Pour Soap it is best mixed in Glycerine PF with thorough hand blending or using a mini mixer.

For Cold Process Soap - This colourant is best moistened with oil.  We recommend starting out with the following:

Add 2 teaspoons of pigment to 25ml of a carrier oil like Sweet Almond Oil or Rice Bran Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil - stir to moisten the powder and then mix well using a coffee frother (or mini mixer) – add 2 teaspoons of this mixture per 500g of traced soap for the mid tone shade in the graphic.

Product Suitability:

Melt & Pour Soap - Yes - hydrate well or use the liquid version
Cold Processed Soap – Yes - mix in oil before adding to soap
Cosmetics including Eye area - No
Lip Products - No
Scrubs and anhydrous products - Yes
Emulsions (Lotions) - Yes
This colourant is a: Non bleeding, oil dispersible colour
This colourant is a:  Neon cosmetic grade pigment

For more information on pigments in soap, check out THIS  SQ blog post.

Our Test Results:

Our graphic in the example below uses:   2 teaspoons of pigment to 25ml Rice Bran Oil.   We mixed this 30 minutes in advance, and there were no speckles or lumps visible.  Two teaspoons of this mixture was used to colour 500g of traced soap.  For a deeper shade, use more colourant.  Will produce a vibrant pastel orange if less is used.

pH sensitivity:  Stable in high pH products (CP Soap) - as per the graphic, just add a little at a time to ensure you achieve the shade or tone of orange you want.
Colour Fading:  This colour is not prone to fading.
Colour Bleeding (Migration):  This colour does not bleed or migrate.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Fluro Pigment, Orange Powder