Flexible Mould - 4 Spheres

Flexible Mould - 4 Spheres

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Our new 4 Cavity Sphere Mould is super easy to use and most importantly, easy to unmould. Whether you envisage a soapy bouncy ball, our layered gelati soap or rainbow spheres, or perhaps are planning a Christmas Snow Globe using clear soap and an embed, this mould produces a perfect 100g sphere of soapiness!

It's really flexible, and the two part design means you can fill the bottom half first (don't forget to spritz with alcohol if using Melt & Pour Soap), and when half filled, pop on the top and finish filling. You can still spritz and fill the second half easily using a jug and spritzing through the hole in the top.

Suitable for Melt & Pour Soap and Cold Processed Soap. If you use a soft CP recipe, you can either use the freezer to firm it up to unmould, or Sodium Lactate Plus to make a shiny finish (most Cold Process recipes are absolutely fine!)

Tip No. 1:  Line up the two tabs up to reduce appearance of seam, if you over pour slide the blunt side of a spatula over the line to smooth.
Tip No. 2:  Double check you have locked in the top and base before pouring by running your fingers firmly over the seam to ensure there is no little gap for the soap to escape through.

See our Gelati Soap Spheres Tutorial here and Christmas Baubles Tutorial here!

Cavities:  4
Soap weight: 100g
Dimensions:  approximately 5.7cm diameter x 18 cm circumference
Overall mould size:  14.6 cm square x 6.35 tall

This silicone soap mould is safe up to 230°C, 440°F.


See this page for usage and care instructions for this mould

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Flexible Mould - 4 Spheres
Cavities 4
Individual Bar Weight 100g
Temperature Up to 230°C, 440°F.
Manufacturer Bramble Berry
Mould Material Flexible Silicone
Mould Colour Natural
Individual Bar Dimensions 5.7cm diameter x 18 cm circumference
Overall Mould Dimensions 14.6 cm square x 6.35 high
Suitable for Cold Processed and Melt & Pour Soap