Flexible Mould - 25 Cubes

Flexible Mould - 25 Cubes
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This size mould has been deleted by Bramble Berry, once sold out we cannot restock.
Flexible Silicone Mould.
This cube soap mould is the one you've been waiting for!  This 25 cavity mould is great for production work or for the home crafter, if you make bigger batches.  Although it can hold a lot of soap (around 4kg to the brim), each cavity is separate so you don't have to fill the entire mould in a single pour.   You can make a small batch, of even 1kg, and make a second colour or fragrance, and fill a few more cavities.  If doing partial batches, we use the outside row of cavities for easier unmoulding.

This mould holds over 4kg of soap and has a high gloss finish on the inside resulting in a smooth, professional look to your soap.

Great for Cold Process and Melt & Pour Soapmaking, in our tests we found that the addition of Sodium Lactate Plus in our Cold Processed Soap recipe was essential for ensuring that the soap wasn't too soft to release from the mould.  If you are a new soaper, we recommend using the outside perimeter of the mould until you know that your recipe is hard enough for you to unmould easily. This mould also works best with a recipe that has a low superfat (I like 4%) and the soap comes out faster when using a 15% water discount (combined with Sodium Lactate).

If you don't like using Sodium Lactate, or Discounting your water, we recommend lining the base of each cavity to aid release. Then use a spatula or blunt knife around the vertical sides to release and then unmould.  Silicone moulds don't allow much water evaporation so it's best to leave the soap in the mould for several days before unmoulding.

We used this mould for our Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt and Pour Tutorial and Soap Queen made these gorgeous Cold Process Embedded Bars, and Soap Queen's Crazy for Cubes Cold Process Here and Faux Swirl Melt and Pour Soap Cubes Here 

Another great Silicone Mould suitable for Cold Process and Melt & Pour Soap.

Cavities:  25
Individual soap weight: 140 - 160g
Soap Dimensions:  5.4cm x 5.4cm x 4.4cm deep
Overall mould size:  30cm Length x 30cm Width

This silicone soap mould is safe up to 230°C, 440°F.

See this page for usage and care instructions for this mould


Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Flexible Mould - 25 Cubes
SKU SILcube25
Cavities 25
Individual Bar Weight 140 - 160g
Temperature Up to 230°C, 440°F.
Manufacturer Bramble Berry
Mould Material FDA approved polystyrene plastic, 5% rubber
Mould Colour Natural
Not yet tested for Bath Bombs and Fizzies
Individual Bar Dimensions 5.4cm x 5.4cm x 4.4cm deep
Overall Mould Dimensions 30cm Length x 30cm Width
Suitable for 230°C, 440°F.