Filling Malibu Tubes, Tottles and Bottles

Our Mess Free Method for filling our Malibu Tubes, Tottles and Bottles
(which is also useful for small tubs, pots and samples)

How to fill narrow necked tubes and bottles

Our Malibu Tubes are tubes that stand on their "heads" with the cap down. They are sometimes called "tottles".  Because they sit on their “head”, most of the cream is already waiting for dispensing so less is left behind in the tube, but they are flexible enough to squeeze.  We currently stock 4 sizes of Malibu’s from our Mini, to our Extra Large Tube. They are a firm MDPE plastic, but are not rigid, and they squidge down so that you can squeeze out the last of the contents.

Our Malibu tubes are suitable for thin lotions, thick shampoos, hair conditioners, moisturising creams and fine to medium scrubs. The caps remain attached to the tube when open (called a "butterfly hinge") and the dispensing hole measures 5mm.  Although the diameter of the tube is quite wide (about 1 cm) it can be tricky to fill without mess!

This method is also useful for botttles.

Use a Ziplock Bag (like we use to package our waxes in) like an icing bag with the bottom corner snipped off – easy and no mess!

Filling the Tubes or Narrow Neck Bottles

Use a Ziplock Bag large enough to comfortably take the cream – this depends on the batch size.  As you have more control, it is safer to use 2 or 3 medium sized bags, rather than one big Ziplock, and also you can split up the batch to use 2 or 3 scents for one batch this way.


  • Line any suitably sized jug or bowl with the ziplock bag, with the top folded down as pictured over the rim. This avoids getting lotion or conditioner in the seam

  • If filling Malibu Tubes remove the lids and stand the tubes in a coffee mug, box or jug to keep them vertical and stable.  By wedging several into the jug, they sit nice and firmly

Malibu Tubes

  • If filling shampoo, boston or other bottles remove the lids and stand on the bench
  • Spoon the cream, lotion, shampoo or hair conditioner into the Ziplock Bag, remove excess air and carefully zip to seal

  • Twist the zipper section to create a firm " icing bag" - use the twisted zipper part to hold firmly in the palm of your hand

  • Snip a very small section off one bottom corner ( 2 - 4mm) and apply light pressure to squeeze the lotion out the corner hole

  • Tap the jug onto the bench to allow air to escape from the tubes or bottles, and finish filling


How to fill narrow necked tubes and bottles

How to fill narrow necked tubes and bottles

How to fill narrow necked tubes and bottles

TIP:   Depending on the thickness of the product, it can sometimes be easiest to fill the Ziplock Bags whilst it is still slightly warm – not too warm though or it may sweat. If there is a danger of condensation, place the bag into a le bowl whilst filling, to support the weight and don’t zip until completely the product is completely cold.

You'll find Ziplock Bags listed on our Containers and Packaging section listed under "Bags".