Festive Geometric Melt and Pour Soap Loaf
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 2 hours including setting time
  • Yields 10 - 14 bars


Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

This tutorial is actually fairly easy, it's all about temperature and layering, so if you are new to soaping and feel it's within your scope - go for it!

Of course geometric design soaps don't have to be red, green and white for Christmas!  They look stunning in all colours, lovely sharp angles, some shiny micas, or pastel beach tones all work well.

Pour the soap at between 55 to 65°C (I poured all layers at 60°C).

The quantity of soap for the layers I just eyeballed - but if you want to weigh specific layers, just weigh each pour to attain more symmetry.  Quantities given are for the full loaf and you'll have a little bit left over which I used in Clamshells for swirled soaps.

Layering Pattern

Pour 1 - Red on an acute angle
Pour 2 - White on the same angle
Pour 3 - Red on opposite, acute angle
Pour 4 - White on opposite medium angle
Pour 5 - Green almost on the flat, around 5 - 10°
Pour 6 - White to just below the rim poured level
Pour 7 - Green to the rim, completely level

Finish:  I used a Disposable Pipette to splatter white soap over the top (against the green for contrast) so I could sprinkle some glitter to finish

You'll need:


  • Stirring spoons or spatulas
  • 3 microwave safe jugs -  the largest needs to hold 1 litre, the other two 500 - 750ml each
  • Square of thin cardboard and Sellotape - make into a funnel
  • Electronic Scales - if you have them
  • Isopropyl Alcohol in a Spritzer Bottle - for eliminating bubbles, useful but not essential
  • A "rest" to support the loaf mould and hold it on an angle.  I have used my Nizzy soap planer, but you can also use phone books, a towel, blocks of soap etc. 

This is the breakdown of colours and fragrance I used:

Green Layers -
3 drops Deep Sea Green Dispersion, 2/3 teaspoon Seaform Green Mica - 5g/ml Cranberry Fig
Red Layers
- 20 drops Tomato Red Liquid, 1/8 teaspoon Merlot Mica (3 pigment scoops) 5g/ml Cranberry Fig
White Layers
-  soap is uncoloured but is scented - 15 - 20g/ml Cranberry Fig


  • Set out the ingredients and equipment ready to go - dice the soap bases into small ice cube sized chunks into each of the jugs, prepare micas etc

  • I like to use little pill cups for my micas for Melt and Pour Soap - moisten these with 1 teaspoon Sodium Lactate Plus, mix well to remove lumps.  If necessary spritz them away Isopropyl Alcohol (If you prefer you can also use straight isopropyl alcohol but mix in glass)

  • Firstly melt the soap that is going to be coloured red (clear soap).  Lightly cover the jug and put in the microwave to melt on medium or medium low heating in short bursts of 30 seconds or so.  This may take a few minutes, so do keep an eye on it so it doesn't overheat

  • Remove from microwave when the soap has melted, stir and add the colours (as set out above) to the clear soap, if you prefer the colours deeper add a little more.  Spritz any little bubbles or dry spots out with alcohol then add fragrance and stir until they are well combined

Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps    Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

  • Set up the prop for the loaf mould - use chocks to keep it there if necessary, you won't move the mould until each layer has set up

  • Pour the first layer of red soap, as shown, and give a spritz of alcohol to remove any surface bubbles

  • Melt the white Shea Butter Soap - one minute bursts is a better option for this larger quantity of soap

Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

  • Once the Shea Butter Soap has melted, add Cranberry Fig fragrance and stir well to combine.  Adjust the mould onto a more acute angle so the second layer will sit over the first, then spritz the surface of the red layer with alcohol and pour a layer of white until it just laps the far side of the mould base.

Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps  

Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

  • Check to see if the red soap has set, and if it has, gently remelt the soap.  Re-arrange the soap mould and prop so that it is sitting on the opposite angle ready for the third layer.  Spritz the surface with alcohol and then pour the red soap as shown

Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

  • Repeat with another layer of white soap continuing the zig zag pattern and now it's time to move onto the green

 Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

   Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

  • Repeat now with the green, using the quantities above (if you want the same shade of green).  Repeat the process with the green and then white layers until the mould is filled.  

Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps   

Festive Cranberry Fig Melt and Pour Soaps

  • I finished off my loaf with a thin layer of green soap and then some white spattered soap and glitter

  • In a small cup, place one cube (approximately 10g) of white soap and give it a SHORT time in the microwave - take care it boils very quickly.  Try 10 - 30 seconds on medium-low!

  • Snip the tip off the pipette

  • Spritz the top of the soap with alcohol to ensure the spattered soap sticks to the surface

  • Squeeze up a good amount of liquid soap into the pipette, and spatter the soap surface with droplets of soap

  • Dust immediately with Ultrafine Rainbow Glitter

  • Allow several hours for the soap to set completely, then slice and wrap as usual