Dye (Lake), Brilliant Blue Powder

Dye (Lake), Brilliant Blue Powder

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This gorgeous blue mutates in Cold Processed Soap to a shade of anywhere between pale to deep lavender mauve depending on the concentration and pH. As this colour is Oil Soluble it is also suitable for Lip Balm and Bath Oils.

Please note that this is the same colour listed in our Lip Colour pages, so you can use it for all your products.

We have some interesting feedback on this colour from April who is an HP'er who tells us "I used some Brilliant Blue in my HP Soap and it turned a lovely rosy, lolly pink - just perfect".

Product Suitability:

Melt & Pour Soap - No - select the Liquid Form
Cold Processed Soap - Yes - if you want a purple toned Soap
Liquid Soap & Shampoo - No
Cosmetics including Eye area - Yes
Water Based Lip Products - No
Oil & Wax Based Lip Products - Yes
This colour is a: Powdered Lake Dye (FD & C)
Suitable for Oil based products.
Oil Based Sugar Scrubs: Not always stable, we suggest a trial batch
Usage Guide Range for CP: from 1 - 2 teaspoons per kg of soap

Our Test Results:

Cold Processed Soap:  Mix/moisten in oil prior to use.
As this colour morphs to a mauve/purple colour in CP, use higher concentrations to achieve richer depth of these colours. The pH of the soap coupled with the dye concentration is what will affect the resulting colour
pH sensitivity: Unstable in high pH products (hence the colour change)
Colour Fading: This colour is somewhat light sensitive and will fade over time
Colour Bleeding (Migration): This colour will bleed and migrate in MP and to a lesser degree in CP Soap. This Colour will mutate (morph) in Cold Processed Soap.

Dec 2017:  New stock is a darker tone powder than previously, we recommend a small test batch if you are matching to previous dye stock.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Dye (Lake), Brilliant Blue Powder
INCI CI: 42090:2
Colour bleeding (migration) Yes
Cold process soap (stable at high pH) Yes, however not stable in high pH. Mutates in CP to a shade of mauve to purple depending on concentration.
Colour Cosmetics - Eyes Yes
Colour Cosmetics - Skin Yes
Lip Products Yes
Melt & Pour Soap Yes, hydrate first
Oil soluble or dispersible Yes, oil miscible
Pigment or Dye Dye
Scrubs, anhydrous products Yes
Vegan Yes