Durosoft® PG4L-SG

Durosoft® PG4L-SG

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Durosoft® PG4L-SG is a liquid ingredient and functions as an emulsifier (o/w and co-emulsifier *correction 2020).  It is water and oil soluble in addition to being cold processable.  It is also naturally derived, PEG-free and non-nitrosamine forming.

We have been testing Durosoft® PG4L-SG in several formulations, and it has been included in the last reprint of our Making Your Own Moisturisers Book.  This product is a liquid emulsifier that is excellent to make water thin to thick creams that are cold processed.  This emulsifier can still be used in the usual way, but it is nice to have this flexible emulsifier available to home crafters and small business.  

Apart from the carbon footprint aspect of cold processing, the lack of heating means the preservative system, essential oils and actives retain their attributes without fear of overheating them.  PG4L-SG is a naturally derived polyglycerol ester made using 100% RSPO Certified Segregated, Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil.

Can be processed cold (Cold Process)
Can be processed hot (Hot Process)
Suitable for O/W and W/O emulsification
Both Water and Oil soluble
Appearance:  Clear to hazy liquid
Colour:  Pale yellow to amber
Usage Rate:  3 - 8%
HLB:  8 -10
pH (1% solution)     6.5 – 7.5
Odour: Characteristic

Free from:
  PEG free, paraben free, preservative free, sulfate free and non-nitrosamine forming, NON GMO,
Uses RSPO Segregated Palm Kernel Oil

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Durosoft® PG4L-SG
Short Description

This product was previously called Durosoft® PK-SG (April 2018)

INCI Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate