Jojoba & Almond Dry Hands Treatment Sticks
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 45 mins
  • Yields 220g (6 sticks)


Dry Hands Treatment Sticks

These solid lotion bars are packed full of skin nurturing butters and oils, are all natural and they don’t need a preservative as they do not contain any water or water soluble ingredients.  You can substitute Lanolin for the Jojoba Esters if preferred.  Though I've called them Dry Hands Treatment Sticks, they are also great for elbows, heels, knees, in fact anywhere you want a no-mess application of emollients.

This formulation makes 6 x Deo-Lotion Bar Tubes (220g).



1. Microwave safe jug, 500ml
2. Microwave safe jug, 250ml
3. Small beaker or glass vessel
4. Small beaker or glass vessel

Scales, preferably digital
Spatulas, spoons, paper towels etc
Coffee frother or Mini Mixer – useful but not essential
Pot mitt - essential

Tip:  If at any time the mixture starts to “thread” or set up, gently reheat until it is transparent and fully liquid again.


Prep and weigh the ingredients into separate groups in each jug/container as follows:

1. 500ml jug – Beeswax and Cera Bellina
2. 250ml jug – Jojoba Esters, Cocoa Butter and Mango Butter (or Lanolin if you subbed that in)
3. Small jug or beaker - Almond Oil and Oat Silc – stir to remove any dry spots (I use the a milk frother)
4. Small jug or beaker - Jojoba, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin Extract


1.  Warm the Oat Silc and Almond Oil in the microwave – about 20 – 30 seconds
2.  Heat the jug of with the butters in the microwave until liquid
3.  Melt the Beeswax and Cera Bellina in 1 minute bursts until completely melted and around 75 – 80°C THIS JUG WILL BE VERY HOT, use a pot mitt to remove from microwave
4.  Gently warm the beaker containing the Jojoba and Vitamin E


  • Check the temperature of the waxes and when it is below 75°C stir in the melted butters (Jug 2), the mixture should remain clear

  • Now add the contents of the Jug 3 and mix through the oils – though it will be a little cloudy the mixture should still be liquid at around 70°C

  • Now add the contents of jug 4 - Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin Extract mixture and Fragrance/Essential Oils and stir to combine (temperature around 63 – 68°C)

  • If the mixture “threads” it means the waxes have become too cool, gently reheat until just liquid again

  • Check the fragrance is as strong as you like – now it’s time to pour into the tubes

  • Remove the BASES from the Deo-Lotion tubes and invert, standing them upside down on their lids

  • Fill the tubes directly from the jug, taking care to bring the level to just under the top of the three spokes of the mechanism.  This is where you will see any “tunneling” as the mixture cools.  The mechanism should remain clear or mostly clear of the balm to enable it to function properly.  If overfilled the tube may not wind up.

  • Allow to set up completely and once set and cold, place the bases on the tubes and label

If using "Add to Trolley" Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance is included, you can change this from the trolley.