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D-Limonene is the key ingredient used in orange or citrus cleaners and is also known as Citrus Terpenes and Spirtis of Orange.  It is a solvent, which is why it cleans so efficiently and is the main chemical constituent found in cold pressed citrus oils (ie oranges, limes, lemons etc)

Excellent to clean and remove residue from Essential Oil burners.

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D-Limonene can be used neat, (without diluting), as an eco-friendly cleaner. CAUTION!! THIS IS A SOLVENT (like Essential Oils).  ALWAYS SPOT TEST surfaces other than glass or ceramic. It is unlikely to be suitable for use on coated or painted surfaces, plastics, furniture, man-made bench tops and perspex.

  • Environmentally-friendly cleaner.
  • Leaves a fresh, citrus scent and helps to deodorise.
  • De-goo (de-gumming) ie sticky label residue, essential oil burners etc.
  • Effectively cleans ceramic, mirrors and glass (windows), stainless steel.
  • Contributes shine to glass and some reflective surfaces * SPOT TEST FIRST if using for other than glass.
  • Removes grease, dirt, wax, adhesive residue, ink, oil, gum etc.
  • Useful when included in mechanic’s hand cleaner.

Scent:  Citrus, orange
Method of extraction:  Distillation
Packaging: 100 and 200ml sold in amber glass bottles, 1L and 5L in HDPE jerry cans.
Recommended usage:  5 - 15% in products, but can be used neat to spot clean (ie remove glue etc)
Country of Origin:  Australia


  • THIS IS A SOLVENT -  ALWAYS SPOT TEST on surfaces other than glass or ceramic.  It is unlikely to be suitable for use on painted surfaces, plastics, furniture, bench tops and perspex.
  • Always store sealed, and high up, out of reach of children.
  • Keep away from sensitive areas of the body including mucuous membranes.
  • This product is meant for household cleaning applications or cosmetic fragrances only,
  • External use only

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name d-Limonene
Ingredients Melaleuca alternifolia